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There are various associated tropes used in achieving this: This is a Spoilered Rotten trope, that means that EVERY SINGLE EXAMPLE on this list is a spoiler by default and most of them will be unmarked.

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Hitomi is going to dinner with college friends who want to make up her birthday from last month, but she figures its really a bunch of still single loser ladies meeting to complain about the lack of a love life.Hanae compliments Hitomi as being lovable to anyone who meets her.As Hanae waits for the bus to work and gets on, she admits to daydreaming that a prince on a white horse would ride up and whisk her away when she first started working.But now she doesn’t have any dreams anymore and the bus ride is just the mode of transportation to get her to work.Hanae is impressed at Hitomi’s go-getter nature when it comes to dating since Hanae is painfully awkward around eligible young men.

Another coworker Ooshiro So bounds over to ask Hanae to come with him to a dinner where he wants to introduce her to a friend.

When the Ending Changes Everything, it calls into question exactly how much of what you've seen was actually real or how to interpret what you have seen so far.

A charitable director (or one who wants to show off how clever the script is) might give you a Once More, with Clarity! One thing that is for certain, it creates a very different experience when you revisit the story.

If anything, LC cribbed off Kw KY and failed whereas I sense so much potential here I can’t wait for this dorama to really get going after this set up episode.

Japan appears to love it as well as episode 1 earned a 14.3% rating.

Apparently the friend wants to meet an older woman that fits Hanae’s near thirty years old profile, someone to settle down with.