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And I would advise newbies against saying "hola" or anything else because they will perceive it as a beginning of a beautiful friendship. If anything, I'm respectful and polite, and I love talking to the locals (however my broken Spanish allows).But you just can't make everyone happy at the expense of your own misery, so it's "gracia" and keep walking for me.

As a side note, these ladies can be some of the best in the world, if your taste runs that way.Thick to thin, tall or petite, faces that could grace a magazine cover and very feminine. " as Shakespeare once said, so I stuck to El Centro. As is evident in the forum, the clock tower area and bars in the immediate vicinity (facing the tower or just around the corner) is where it is easiest to find action.A few girls who looked like they might be looking for action, but hard to tell. And the scene has gotten lively with dance shows, cops, touts and packs of the domesticated bi-pedal sight-seers wandering around like lost cats.5 PM Same as earlier, but seems like an increase in the population of girls who might be out to relieve the horny of their copas. The working girls are obvious as they make eye contact, say "Hola," and I recognized some of them from earlier in the day. Definitely courtesans about, but the overlap with tourists is confusing.Anyone who has been to a scorching desert knows that layers of loose clothes that cover your skin are the best thing.

If you have the audacity to wear long pants, a loose button down with a t-shirt under and real shoes, you are much less of a target.I had offered to fly her in from San Jose but she couldn't get away so she sent me her friends info.I started communicating with her about three weeks before taking the trip.I like brown girls and this is why I love the DR but I think I can get use sexy Colombians.El turista--just like the girls have a script, tourists here seem to have a tribal dress code. Some sort of straw fedora, t-shirt, shorts and flip flops for the guys.She is a sexy 25 year old, graduated college with a nursing degree and was returning to Cartagena after spending a few weeks with her family in Peru.