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Regarding Facebook’s guidelines for workplace relationships, “We train that if you ask a co-worker on a date and they say no, you don’t get to ask again -- and beyond that we make it clear that an ‘I’m busy’ or ‘I can’t that night’ is a ‘no’,” said Heidi Swartz, the company’s global head of employment law.

Facebook has internal "Managing A Respectful Workplace" training sessions in which the nuances of employee interactions and what is considered to be appropriate behavior are examined.

But when you mix professional and personal, the stakes can get even higher.

When you are spending most of your time at work, it makes sense that office romances could occur.

If the relationship didn’t work out, would you still be able to work with the person?

If it did go well, and one of you got promoted over the other, how would that impact things?

According to recent data from job search platform Comparably, 34 percent of men and 35 percent women report that they have dated a co-worker.

And according to a recent poll of more than 1,800 Entrepreneur readers on Twitter, 39 percent said they had dated a co-worker.

Heather Huhman, a workplace expert and the founder and president of Come Recommended, says that regardless of what policies you put into place, employees need to be involved from the beginning.

Even if there is no official set of rules, Huhman says if the situation does arise, it is on the individual to think about the ramifications of a workplace relationship.

Related: From Judgy Co-Workers to Office Romances, Here's How to Deal With 20 Tricky Work Situations Ultimately, Huhman recommends transparency.

Even if it might feel a little uncomfortable to disclose when you first start dating, it's better to get it out in the open than to have it affect your work in ways you might not expect.

Notify them that any violations of the dating policy and/or “love contract” that they signed with the company will be taken seriously.