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While you don’t have complete control, you can increase your probability of building a connection by ensuring you are sending high-quality messages and avoiding the eight messaging traps below.

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Most importantly, though, getting a date means the person you are talking to must connect with you in some way.For many online daters, the course from online messages to actual dating has become a mindless, thoughtless experience, an anxiety-provoking adventure, or an incredibly confusing process.It’s natural to be left wondering what went wrong if messaging appears to be going well and the person you are talking to suddenly goes MIA. Is the other person dealing with some baggage or external life event that has nothing to do with you?Could you have done anything differently to ensure the initial spark or level of interest didn’t fizzle?If the person you’re chatting with feels you simply copied-and-pasted messages, with little effort on your part, it is unlikely you will get a reply.

Instead grab his or her attention with a unique subject line that signals you actually read their profile.

Technology can also blur your intentions and lead to misinterpretation if you aren’t careful.

For example, you may believe you are giving a compliment, but if you need to type “I hope I didn’t insult you” at any point in your message, it’s a sign you need to rethink your words and make sure you are being kind and open-minded.

It’s natural to want to be liked and understood, but too much selling can do the opposite.

Using a phrase like, “I am intelligent, successful, handsome, and generous, but you’ll see this for yourself,” is a no-no.

Keep your tone upbeat and don’t use messages as a platform to air grievances about your life or the world. You are using messages with new potential partners to trash an ex, complain about your dating life, or ask about their online dating experiences.