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When we use a verb, we often need to be able to refer to more than the time at which an event took place.

We sometimes need to be able to refer to actions and states as completed or not completed.

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What I once thought I wanted my life to look like, was now different at almost three years sober. From day one, I jumped into the middle of the pack.

I’ve never had a sober relationship–let alone a sober break up. At times seemingly surrounded by a fortress of great support, wisdom, and guidance.

Like a homing pigeon I went right to my sponsor, and sober men in my home group. True to form the old timers all said the same thing, “What’s your part kid, enough about her.” I should have known they would say that. Say where you were wrong.” “Be open minded to what she has to say.” Honoring myself and her by being authentic with my feelings and owning my side of the street seemed to be key.

I’ve learned in sobriety that if I keep my motives clean, own my part, and bring my Higher Power into the equation–whatever that may look like–I will be okay.

My 12 Step Store is committed to helping people on their sober path.

Their full range of medallions, chips, books and plaques will help celebrate the everyday milestones in a person’s life.

After sharing feelings for her openly with my sponsor, sober friends, and even counselors, they all seemed to have similar feedback. The story ends there and happily ever after we rode off into the sunset. After about a year and a half of riding that infamous pink cloud together hand-in-hand, reality started settling in, and so did personalities.

If anything, I felt myself constantly growing and changing as I built upon more sober experiences in life.

In response to the public humiliation and draconian treatment of the starlet, AKB48 fans have unhesitatingly jumped to the defense of Minegishi.

Author and critic Hiroki Azuma called the incident a “disgusting” medieval means to make amends for a perfectly normal romance.

When I completely surrendered to that idea, that’s when she entered my life.