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Eventually, this activity attracts the attention of the Bubble Poppin' Boys, a menacing street gang who have scared the city into never blowing bubbles ever again since the bubbles burn their eyes. Each time he gets a job he uses his bubble blowing ability to help him, though, like the couple he encountered, this strikes fear into all the residents of the city, all resulting in him being fired. This offer finally convinces Squidward to help with the search party, and he chooses his love of art over his hatred of Sponge Bob.

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The trio are shocked to see a newspaper stand showing news of Sponge Bob's position as mayor of New Kelp City.

With that, Patrick, Sandy, and Squidward then set out to locate Sponge Bob before stopping at a gas station.

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Overjoyed that their friend is back to normal, Patrick, Sandy and Mr. But even so, Sponge Bob still wants to return to his position as mayor, because he feels bubble blowing needs to be commonplace in New Kelp City society.

As Squidward marvels on his new jeweled egg, he slips on a greasy spatula, causing the egg to fly out of his hands and hit Sponge Bob on the head, shattering it--but the impact gives Sponge Bob his memory back.

House Sittin' for Sandy / Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom166. The Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini Bottom / Bubble Buddy Returns168.

A dismayed Squidward opens his head, and he throws his brain in a trash bin.

Squid's Visit / To Square Pants or Not to Square Pants117.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy / The Inside Job130.

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