Oblivion goranga dating system v1 01 english version

IF CHECKSUM("Hrmns Oblivion Script Optimizationv1.0.esp", 82FC20B8) SAY: Not recommended for use as there is no measureable performance improvement, and it breaks the Shivering Isles by changing some Form IDs, causing a script to be written into cell data. West Roads and all dependent patches must be uninstalled before using Roads of Cyrodiil.

IF CHECKSUM("Kvatch Rebuilt.esp", 74FA387E)

See Roads of Cyrodiil readme for upgrade instructions.This is a companion-mod, including a romance and a challenging pre-quest. Then there\'s only one thing left to conquer- the heart of Saphiria... The starting quest "The Djinni's Chamber" is a thrilling hunt for a legendary treasure.It contains new dungeons, cities and lots of new armors, weapons and so on. IF CHECKSUM("Ruins of Tarnesia.esp", 9654B520) DIRTY: 4440 ITM, 1 UDR records. Or consider installing the "Rustle House CBash Fix.esp". BOSS's order is correct, and the master order of the plugin can be altered using TES4Edit or TES4Gecko. Also requires manual cleaning of a number of wild path grid edits. If so remove the "Kh RHInterior" record from the Bashed Patch every time you rebuild. title=TES4Edit_Cleaning_Guide#Battlehorn Castle Enhanced.esp_Special_Cleaning_Instructions" SAY: The masters of this mod are not in the order that BOSS uses, which will cause it to be displayed with an orange checkbox in Wrye Bash.IF CHECKSUM("Wellspring Vale.esp", 3E9D0614)