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“Some have dementia, but revert to teenage girls and sing along when an Elvis impersonator visits.

When the pet therapy dog arrives, residents talk about the puppies they once had.” Many residents are still very proud of the lives they lived, the families they raised and the things they accomplished personally and professionally.

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This means employment in a nursing home could very well be in your future.

And while many families would like to care for their aging relatives, they’re not always able to do so themselves. Looking forward, the aging population combined with the national nursing shortage will create an even greater demand for healthcare professionals.

And if you’re worried that nursing homes aren’t active and lively enough for you, think again.

“A few of our residents were bat mitzvah’d in their 80s and 90s,” shares RN Josie Vega.

65 population will double from what it was in 2012 to a staggering 83.7 million.

You love caring for others, but are you really cut out for working in a nursing home? We spoke to seasoned nurses to see what they liked best about long-term care in a nursing home – and their answers may surprise you! Working in a nursing home is special in that you’ll be a member of the care team collectively taking care of your residents.

Here is what we found: As with any occupation, there are various pros and cons that come with the job.

Here’s what our nurses noted as some of the perks of being a nursing home nurse: “Get ready to become attached to your residents and their families,” Vega says.

You get to honor their legacy and contributions to society when you’re at the bedside, she adds.

Nurses in nursing homes need a different skill set than nurses in a hospital or clinic.

There are two sides to every coin, With the various benefits also comes a few drawbacks to working in a nursing home.