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Republic, Washington is a city with an early 1900s look and a heritage based in the mining and logging industries.Founded by gold prospectors, and originally named Eureka Gulch, Republic had a population of 1,073 in 2010.An Omak, Wash., maintenance man who videotaped himself raping four young girls and putting the encounters on the Internet was sentenced Monday in Spokane to spend the next 20 years in federal prison.“I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but this really is a terrible case,” Senior U. District Court Judge Frem Nielsen said before sentencing Scott Dean Brown to prison.

The information is posted here by the agencies themselves while volunteers built and maintain the quality was recorded at several Seattle area monitors this morning.

It appears that winds are transporting smoke from a 62-acre fire near Shelton.

Those exams revealed 300 to 400 images of child pornography, according to court documents.

When federal ICE agents went to Omak to arrest Brown on May 1, 2006, they found he had a new computer in a house where he was living with his parents.

Ultimately agents determined Brown was in possession of as many as 600 child porn images, court documents say.

Brown admitted producing child pornography himself using a digital camera, a webcam connected to his personal computer and a “spy camera” installed in a clock radio, court documents say.Upon his release from prison, Brown will be required to register as a sex offender wherever he lives and will be on federal parole for the remainder of his life, living under a list of strict “supervised release” conditions.“I don’t disagree with the 20 years and life of supervised release,” Brown told the court.“I did some pretty horrible things I’m not proud of,” he said.“The agreed-upon sentence of 20 years is a long sentence, but it is not too long,” the judge told Brown.Nielsen agreed to Brown’s request to be sent to a federal sex offender program and alcohol substance abuse treatment.Noted for its fossils, natural beauty and recreational possibilities, it is nestled in a valley between Wauconda and Sherman Passes…This site is an effort by county, state, and Federal agencies and Indian Tribes to coordinate and aggregate information for Washington communities affected by smoke from wildland fires.Brown, 34, pleaded guilty in June to one count of transportation of child pornography under a plea agreement that involved the U. attorney’s office seeking the dismissal of three other counts charging him with production and possession of child porn.