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People like people who are like them.”The online player is skilled at recognizing your “likes” and making sure to convince you that he has a lot to offer you in all of those areas. What he really likes is simply the idea of getting you to agree to a first date Dating has gone digital. These tips are offered to help unsuspecting women identify and avoid these sorts of guys.

He’ll text you first thing in the morning so that he’s the first thing you think about.He’ll text you a sweet “good night” message just before you go to sleep – so he’s the last thing you think about. He claims he’s a repelling expert, with hair-raising stories to boot.This is difficult to accomplish in person, because it requires very quick thinking and perfect timing.In a chat room or in IM, a guy can think for several minutes before typing a reply. He can look up romantic lines from a movie, or very obscure, romantic poems to quote from.They’re usually overtly sexual, to the point of being outright disgusting. Have you ever been burned by an online relationship? Share your horror stories in the comments below, and help other readers avoid the same fate! He's worked 13 years in automation engineering, 5 years in IT, and now is an Apps Engineer.

The skilled “player” uses very subtle flirtations – first dipping his toes into your pool and checking to see if the water is warm. A former Managing Editor of Make Use Of, he's spoken at national conferences on Data Visualization and has been featured on national TV and radio.

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“Good night, sweet Angel,” he texts you, just before you turn off your phone for the night. This may be due to the fact that so many more people today are using dating sites, social networks and various online forums to meet and interact with new people.

Online dating shouldn’t take the place of trying to date people you meet other ways as well. I mean, do you refuse to say hello to men in real life if you notice them, or refuse to make eye contact until he approaches you of his own accord? Sending a message is simply a way to say “I’m interested.” And gentlemen, the same goes for you. Yes, online dating has dating in its title, but a successful couple doesn’t move from messaging online to setting a date to be married without interacting in real life first.

And it most certainly shouldn’t take the place of or supersede daily human interaction! Online dating is a way to make an introduction, but then, after some messaging back and forth, you need to date in person. Discover their quirks and ticks — how he pinches his nose when he’s thinking, how she shakes her head when she’s searching for the right word.

So here are a few ideas to get the most out of using dating apps …