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You can be a professional welder, foreman, millwright, etc etc IE don't be a lazy fuck who is a (insert "creative" pursuit here) but who in reality doesn't have any goals or drive to has been my experience whereas I've easily connected with men I'm attracted to in Seattle, Boston, NYC, Vancouver and Chicago.

The sketchiest or most underwhelming men I've met happened to be in Nashville.

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Some people are looking for a mate with some stability in their lives.Don't be so salty about it."Professional" in my mind means you have a job and active career. Not sure why "professional" seems to trigger you so much.Does that mean you want someone that has a 9-5 and dresses like a yuppie? Maybe there is a gender imbalance here, but also there are a lot more creative types and non-traditional professionals in Nashville than most other cities.Many people looking for a "professional mate" are looking for something very specific in my experience, and it won't matter if I make more money than they expect or even do themselves if we don't share the same values or life journey.I think it's because a lot of single women move here (many to do music) and they don't really know anyone so they turn to online dating.

If you're a functional male, it's a killing ground.2 people i know who used a or similar got married (and have stayed married), whereas tinder you will have to wade through alot of undesirables first. Not here for a one-nighter or casual sex (or dudes in town for a bachelor party 🙄); open to friendship or going on a date. As a young professional woman I've had much greater success on Tinder, if only because the pool seems to be quite larger on that site, thus increasing chances of finding someone cool.I think it does help if you meet folks in the professional scene (meetups, work-type community events), as opposed to a random at a bar. In my experience not everyone on Tinder is out looking for a one night stand if that's not your thing.That said, I'm not looking for a guy who does the same thing I do, but it helps to have some things lifestyle wise in common.I don't have an issue dating a musician, for example (and I have gone on dates with a couple), but the reason it didn't work out is because they spent their entire weekend working or as a server somewhere and needed to work on their music during the week.I completely agree with your experience and reply here.