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Most repressive world regime (not including North Korea) no longer restricts marriages with foreigners.Meanwhile, most free country (USA) restricts marriages with foreigners. FEDERAL GRANTS RECEIVED BY Tahirih Justice Center for 2007 from DOJ alone amount to 5,000.Three-quarters of a million dollars of tax money annually can buy a lot of hatred toward American men and foreign women.shocking and false news. Sam Brownback and Tahirih get idiot reporter Susie Hodges to tell foreign listeners that the American men who seek wives abroad are mostly serial rapists.

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The mangina Republican Senator Sam Brownback made a deal in the fall of 2005 with the radical feminist spinster Senator Maria Cantwell saying that he would convince his GOP colleagues to stab all American males in the back in exchange for Cantwell not filibustering the religious Alito’s nomination as a justice of the US Supreme Court.This issue is part of the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) and can be read about here: One can also read about IMBRA at It was challenged by some dating agencies that quickly realized the law would help them present fake profiles of women who weren’t really interested in meeting Americans.They deliberately blew their cases, but not before the law firm Sarkin Pinales committed legal malpractice by arguing (against their plaintiff clients) “the Supreme Court has never found that there is a fundamental liberty interest in Americans contacting foreigners for relationships.” A White Knight Republican Judge, Thomas Rose of Ohio’s 6th District, used those exact words to uphold IMBRA (at least until an honest plaintiff and an honest law firm challenge IMBRA for real).Christian Dating Right 1: You have the right to be told the truth by your Christian dating “soul-mate“.

You will find liars online and offline, but you won’t have to put up with this garbage if you know the signs of a liar.

Each Christian dating partner has certain inalienable rights, but also an obligation to treat their Christian dating girlfriend or boyfriend the same way they would like to be treated. Christian dating relationships invariably fail when one person violates the rights of the other.

Understanding what your Christian dating rights are may help you avoid entering or staying in a dating relationship with some jerk, while at the same time helping you enjoy your dating experience to the max.

Unfortunately, many Christian daters, especially women, stay in abusive relationships because they don’t know the difference.

Christian Dating Right 3: You have the right to disagree and have own opinions and beliefs as equal Christian dating single.

This is the report that found a 20% divorce rate in marriages between American men and foreign women (you won't hear about that from IMBRA supporters).