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Freelance Writing consolidates several job boards from Ed’s job board to Craiglist and Indeed.This job board is also on top of my list since it curates many jobs in one place.

While they do have a job board (check #8), I like this option as job offers come straight to my inbox.

And, the jobs Freelance Writing pulls are the best of the best.

I love job boards because they round up gigs from all over and it’s in one easy-to-click place.

I can create a pitch template quickly and send out multiple pitches to freelance jobs that are posted.

I’ve been freelance writing for over three years now and I’ve learned through trial and error where to find profitable and high-paying writing gigs. I needed to find a client…fast and found multiple ways to land new freelance writing projects.

If you’re stuck right now, I have 53 actual places that post freelance writing jobs online or has a way to land a gig. My first freelance writing gig came from a freelance writing job board.

Jobs range from blogging jobs to staff news writer.

As a new freelance writer, you gotta get out there and hustle! It’s the act of finding businesses online and emailing them directly letting them know that you’re a freelance writer and that you’re interested in writing for them.

Journalism Jobs is a great resource for journalists and copywriters.

Big brands have used Journalism Jobs to post such as Time Magazine,, New York Times and more.

Pro Tip: Here’s my trick to find freelance writing jobs quickly!