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The one probably implied the latter, since she'd no doubt notice it was missing. Alternatively, I could rewind to the point where I'd found it, turn it back off, and quite simply pretend nothing had ever happened. I was panicked, and I wasn't sure in that moment I was willing to commit myself to a course of action that would, one way or another, result in having to talk to Mom about what I'd seen. At first, I caught only very fleeting glimpses of an extremely shapely caricature of my mother.

But he and I had more than our share of painful memories of when that wasn't the case. I was just starting to freak out all over again as it got to be close to an hour since he said he was going to talk to her when my phone buzzed. He didn't want to steal her thunder, so he didn't really say anything about what she had to say, but he assured me that she'd be very conscious of my feelings when the two of us spoke. Not much more than a half hour ago, Dom had been replying to my messages more or less instantly. The two of them could be working out together or something. I nodded, pulled my tank top up over my head, waved hi and bye, and ran down the cement walk to the front door. I was already soaking wet, and I wanted to get rid of the smell of suntan lotion and chlorine. As was apparently always the case now, she looked good enough to eat. She wore a pair of blue socks with fuzzy pink trim, pink panties, and a skimpy blue camisole with pink ribbons at the center and the corners of the two flimsy panels. In fact, it covered only a little bit more than her areolas. As was her stomach, especially as she took a seat on the edge of my bed. Just a mother and son having a talk about what was bothering him. " she asked in a soft voice."As good as any, I suppose," I said. She suddenly got up from the bed, turned her back to me, and walked over to the mirrored closet. But, as you know, your father has been slowly cleaning out the attic, making room for all the things we're taking from Grandma's place."It had been months since Grandma Kaitlin's funeral. Letting Grandma slip from my memory made me feel shitty, but didn't induce anywhere near as much guilt as the thoughts I was having about my mother more or less every second that I was awake of late."My do things."If she'd been acting under duress, it sure hadn't shown.That was especially relieving because just twenty minutes later, I heard the first thunderclap. I'd just finished slipping a fresh, dry, set of clothes on when a knock came at my door."Frank? Her luscious black hair was held back by a pink ribbon that matched the ones on her cami, save for two locks falling just to the sides of her beautiful brown eyes. As if anyone would fail to notice those ripe beauties anyway. Crows' feet were etched into her otherwise flawless skin at the corners of her eyes. I forced myself not to stare at her glorious ass, certain that she'd notice see me doing so through my reflection in the mirror. It was so big, so round, so out of proportion to her relatively small waist. She turned back around, paced back towards the bed, but didn't sit down.Did I even want to know what kind of smut my brothers were into? My thumb descended, slowly and firmly pushing the button in. What made me think I'd seen my mother giving head before? Wouldn't a memory like that be seared into my memory, instead of bubbling up to the surface out of nowhere, and feeling distant and vague even after it came to me? Todd never went out of his way to hurt anyone, yet neither did he go out of his way to comfort them when others had hurt them.Play resumed from where it had been when the machine was turned off. A much younger, and much hotter, version of my mother was sucking a big old monster of a cock. She was deep-throating, working her tongue like magic, licking the man's balls while pumping his slab of meat with her fist. The camera panned out and I realized who the lucky man was. Dom might not always care about people's feelings, but he wasn't blind to them.She came a bit closer, laid a hand gently atop my head. But hadn't I already thought to myself that it felt like a heavy curtain had been d****d over certain parts of my mind? When Mom came back, Dom immediately went over to her and slipped his hand around her waist. I wasn't sure, and I was kind of afraid that if I said anything, you all would think I was crazy too, the way your brothers had thought that you were.

"Sweetie, I know how hard that must have been for you to watch. It was like she was sketching the outlines of the story I'd expect to hear if I hadn't started poking around at the curtain in my head. I stood up, tears I didn't know I had the ability to produce on demand rolling down my cheeks. Like as payback for thinking you were the first time? Still, how did Todd know our cousin had done this to us? But after a little tequila to calm my nerves, I decided to tell them that I was seeing things too, that it wasn't just you, and see if maybe that jogged something loose for them or something. Then, while I hate to sound so cliche, one thing led to another.""Doesn't matter," I said.If we had wireless internet like most every other household these days, there'd have been no need for that. Todd, on the other hand, had never shown any such tendency.But with just the one family desktop hooked up to the internet, us boys only had so many options. Dad was at work, and everyone else was still asleep. My finger hovered over that triangular button that would play the disc. But I certainly didn't have the willpower to resist my curiosity. But as incapable of genuine cruelty as my younger brother was, he was also equally incapable of picking up on other people's feelings.But the fact that they believed that part didn't offer much reassurance, because it only meant they too believed that I was going insane. Even if it wouldn't help, I supposed I owed it to her. Of course, I realized that my brothers had probably assumed that the visions I was having were affecting me in that way. But I hadn't actually told them I was now overcome with lust for Mom. It's more the abject fear of telling Mom that I saw what I saw that's got me shaking like this.""Don't be a jack-ass," Todd said. "Now wait just a goddamn-""Our brother's suffering here. Or I'll have to kick your ass.""Like to see you try," Todd said. It looked like we were due for a serious thunderstorm. The working out hypothesis was confirmed before I got out of my car.Dom speculated that I was suffering from hallucinations brought on by an inability to cope with what I'd seen."Dude, maybe you should just talk to her," Todd said at one point. The mere thought of it made my stomach heave though. I was clinging to the possibility that they thought I was just traumatized by the whole thing, not turned on by it. "Dom's offering to do the worst of it-""We," Dom corrected. His gaze was steady, but no doubt Dom noticed the way our younger brother's voice cracked just a bit, or how his upraised fists wavered. And not cheap shit."#They agreed to do it on Saturday. Natalie was working a double-shift tending bar, and I would be at the pool until eight. I texted Dom and told him I might be coming home early after all, due to the weather. As I pulled up the driveway, I saw them in the garage.visit on see more top rated story like these The fact that I was half certain that just last week, I'd been surveying the landscape around our manor house, admiring the fall foliage, struck me as just a bit odd. It was mid July, and we were in the midst of a heat wave. Maybe recently I'd made the leaves change color, if only temporarily, just to amuse myself. Maybe that was why when I turned on the TV in the Den one early morning and found that whoever had used the TV last had been watching a DVD, my mind went straight to the gutter. There were plenty of perfectly ordinary explanations for why someone might have watched a DVD late last night, after everyone went to bed. But before long, I was so crippled by my intense desire for her, and my inability to determine whether what I was seeing was even real, that I basically squeaked and ran out of the room whenever I saw her. All I did with my free time was masterbate to depraved thoughts about the woman who'd given birth to me. If Mom had been replaced by a sexpot with a hip-to-waist ratio that never occurred in nature, with obvious signs of maturity but nonetheless the firm, clear skin and perfect hair of a woman half her age, I couldn't be the only one who'd noticed. On a certain level that seemed like further evidence of my insanity.