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(2) The name and telephone number of the operator of a vending machine shall be prominently displayed on or near the vending machine if an employee of the operator is not in full-time attendance.PART IV Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment for cleaning and sanitizing 18. Equipment for washing by hand consisting of drainage racks of corrosion-resistant material and, i.(3) Every sanitary facility in a food premise shall be equipped with, (a) a constant supply of hot and cold running water; (b) a supply of toilet paper; (c) a durable, easy-to-clean receptacle for used towels and other waste material; (d) a supply of soap or detergent; and (e) a method of hand drying that uses single-service towels or a hot air dryer.

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PART V SANITARY FACILITIES Altering floor space, number of toilets or washbasins 24.

(1) No operator of a food premise shall alter the floor space, number of toilets or washbasins in a sanitary facility without first receiving approval in writing from a public health inspector.

The list must contain each donor’s name, address and telephone number, in full.

Sale of pre-packaged, low-risk food or hot beverages 3.Patrons attending the special event must be notified in writing as to whether or not the food premise has been inspected in accordance with this Regulation.The notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place at the entrance to the food premise at which the special event meal is held. The operator must keep a list of all persons who donate potentially hazardous food for the special event meal and must provide a copy of that list to a public health inspector on request.(3) Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply if the medical officer of health is satisfied that the mechanical dishwasher will effectively clean and sanitize utensils and is appropriate for use at the food premise. (1) Multi-service articles shall be cleaned and sanitized after each use.(2) Utensils other than multi-service articles shall be cleaned and sanitized as often as is necessary to maintain them in a clean and sanitary condition. The surfaces of equipment and facilities other than utensils that come in contact with food are cleaned and sanitized as often as is necessary to maintain such surfaces in a sanitary condition. Toxic or poisonous substances required for maintenance of sanitary conditions shall be, (a) kept in a compartment separate from food so as to preclude contamination of any food, working surface or utensil; (b) kept in a container that bears a label on which the contents of the container are clearly identified; and (c) used only in such manner and under such conditions that the substances do not contaminate food or cause a health hazard.(2) Subsection (1) does not apply if the food premise is a meat plant licensed under Ontario Regulation 31/05 (Meat) made under the Food Safety and Quality Act, 2001 or a plant licensed under the Milk Act. (1) Every operator of a food premise shall ensure that sanitary facilities are maintained in accordance with the design, construction and installation requirements in Ontario Regulation 332/12 (Building Code) made under the Building Code Act, 1992.