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Being a lifelong revolutionary Marxist and socialist, he was one of those few men and women in the history of the socialist movement who were able to combine the untiring activities of revolutionary leaders with a body of intellectual work that fulfilled the scholarly criteria for scientific research and compelled respect in academic circles. - (Permanente Revolution : Materialien / Gruppe Internationale Marxisten (GIM) in Westberlin (Berlin) ; 1) in: Mandel, Ernest: Der Sturz des Dollars : [eine marxistische Analyse der Währungskrise] / [Red.: Ulf Wolter.

With never-ending energy and borne by an almost unshakeable optimism, for decades on end, Ernest Mandel dedicated himself to a task the meaning of which he himself - like Leon Trotsky whom he so greatly admired - considered in the first instance to lie in maintaining and saving the continuity and the heritage of the authentic, revolutionary and humanistic Marxism beyond all tempests of time and in keeping up, reanimating and restoring the emancipatory traditions of the labour movement and of the Marxist theory, so thoroughly disavowed and distorted beyond all recognition by Stalinism, and in passing these traditions on to the following generations, i.e., in providing them with the equipment which according to his firm belief was the indispensable prerequisite for realizing the "upright walk on an inhabitable earth" as Ernst Bloch so aptly had defined socialism. This is the background against which whatever activities of his must be seen: his important contributions to the Marxist economic theory, his contributions as a journalist, essay writer, polemicist and speaker, and last not least his activities as the leading mind, organizer, and strategist of the and its followers who in most countries did not come in significant numbers. der Texte besorgten Klaus Kochmann und Wolfgang Metzkel]. Not that he showed off his encyclopaedic culture out of pedantry, far from it. 14, 1972 and sent to Newsweek in reply to a Newsweek article blaming the Fourth International for "terrorism"; Newsweek refused to publish the letter; it was printed by The Militant (New York, NY), 1972 (Oct.13)in: Am Beispiel Angela Davis : der Kongreß in Frankfurt ; Reden, Referate, Diskussionsprotokolle / hrsg. But he felt a duty to pass on what he knew, to communicate his thirst for knowledge and his intellectual passions. More than fifty years of intensive and uninterrupted political, scholarly, journalistic and teaching activities on the part of Ernest Mandel resulted in a most comprehensive and diversified, almost too vast, literary heritage. As a matter of fact, he travelled to all countries of West, North and South Europe, to North and South America, to India, Sri Lanka and Japan, to Australia and New Zealand, dividing his time between speaking to large audiences at places like Berkeley, Sorbonne or Free University of Berlin and addressing internal meetings of members and adherents of the Trotskyist movement. Die in: Kritik der politischen Ökonomie heute - 100 Jahre 'Kapita L': Referate und Diskussionen vom Frankfurter Colloquium im Sept.

In view of his innumerous activities and his workload it is hardly believable that he additionally found time to read crime novels, a weakness he admitted to with a twinkle in his eyes when he was older. - Frankfurt am Main [etc.] : Europäische Verlagsanstalt [etc.], 1972 : pp. letterlijke weergave van een bandopname van een redevoering van Ernest Mandel, uitgesproken op in de zaal Frascati te Amsterdam].

Sorting out this heritage, getting it somewhat into shape and, also, rescuing it from the fate of possibly becoming forgotten are - besides the historic, political and ideological importance of Ernest Mandel outlined above in short terms - the major motives of presenting this bibliography which we have decided to be published exclusively in electronic form. 137-187in: Dokumentation zum Fall Ernest Mandel / Komitee zur Aufhebung des Einreiseverbots gegen Ernest Mandel ; Gruppe Internationale Marxisten (GIM), Deutsche Sektion der IV.

However, we can produce printed and bound copies on demand; thus don't hesitate to contact us. - (Die Internationale : Organ der Gruppe Internationale Marxisten (Mannheim; later: Hamburg; later: Frankfurt a.

In this context, we would like to finish by quoting Gilbert Achcar: "An exhaustive bibliography of Ernest Mandel's writings - even if it were restricted to published works, books, brochures and articles, leaving out his voluminous correspondence - would be an undertaking on the scale of a doctoral dissertation". published in journals and newsletters, as component parts of monographic collections etc.) are considered, the eldest items dating back to 1944.

With regard to the places of publication, most of the listed items were published in Western and Central Europe and in the United States, Canada and Australia; with regard to the language of the documents, only European languages are considered. 9-46in: Trotsky, Leon: Wie wird der Nationalsozialismus geschlagen?

A not insignificant number of persons, having become politically conscious and won over to the radical left in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies, most probably will have gained their knowledge of the political economy of Marx from reading Ernest Mandel's publications or from his seminars rather than from studying the original classic works.