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In theory, the working of your site could be damaged because of unintentionally deleting important files or by dropping important database tables.

It is therefore advisable to change your password as soon as possible after the installation has been completed.

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Furthermore there are tools we require to access the My SQL database (usually php My Admin).Giving control panel access to anyone is relatively safe, especially if you trust the professionalism of your supplying partner.In addition, dating sites owners use os Date, ABK-Soft, php Fox, several Joomla plugins and many more.Our development team has successfully installed profiles on servers running any of those scripts.If you have a virtual server, you probably use a control panel to access your server such as c Panel, Plesk, ISPmanager or any custom panel by Host Gator or other hosting company.

An essential utility is the File Manager, necessary to unpack archives.These settings are for the files and folders on the webserver.Using your FTP Client, right click on a folder or file, in the pop-up menu, click on properties, and there the properties (CHMOD) for that file or folder will be displayed.In order to install profiles, we need to have access to your site’s database and folders.What kind of access do we need, and how risky is it for you to give us that access?Before we upload your profiles, we download your database structure on our production server and match classifiers.