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Alex then left Toronto to live with her aunt in Ajax.

On their first day of Grade 11 in Ghost in the Machine (1), Alex and Ellie Nash were hanging out in front of Degrassi when Paige greeted the latter.

Alex ended the relationship because she didn't only want to be Paige's "lapdog." The two went on to date other people, but found their way back to each other in Season 6.

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Despite Paige's initial reluctance, the two began to date.As graduation loomed closer for them, Paige's big future shone brightly while Alex's did not.He gives Paige marijuana as a parting gift, but this only angers her, and she storms out of the restaurant.Alex and Paige later share the weed and both get stoned. Although Paige is reluctant to go because she was cut out of the movie, Alex finally convinces her to come and enjoy time together.Alex even "rewards" Paige for her good cleaning skills with a bag of candy.

As the two talk, Alex admits that she used to be afraid of Paige.Spinner, Marco, Jimmy Brooks and Craig Manning pay Paige a visit during her first day on the job.Spinner orders a popcorn, and begins asking for silly customizations to his order, insisting that he's helping "train" his girlfriend. After the stand shuts down for the evening, the girls clean up.This tension eventually turned into friendship when they were forced to work together at a local movie theatre consession.Their romantic relationship began in the fifth season.However, when Paige wrecked her boyfriend Spinner Mason's car, she was forced to get a job to pay him back for the damage.