Paris hilton and jared leto dating

Some of you may or may not know that we have some of your favorite stars floating around on the Freeones message boards.These ladies are checked by us and given the OCSM (Official Checked Star Member) status by us so you can be assured you are talking to the real deal.

In recent times, the line has been blurred between true celebrity and pretender. If you still don’t believe, please read the following firsthand account from a reader we’ll call Hannah who made the mistake of underestimating Paris Ebola. Two years ago, in the midst of a midlife crisis that saw my parents sell their home and travel Europe for a couple of years, they attended a charity auction for the Janus Academy (great charity by the way) whilst on a short visit to Calgary. And, like all train wrecks, I was enthralled; Paris calling the contestants "Pets", contestants worshipping her…it was morbidly fascinating. I set my PVR to "series recording."A week after Christmas (and of course after the Boxing Day sales) I woke up one morning, turned on my beloved TV, and was met with a black screen with little virus-like red sparkles and parallel bars of random colors to one side. The TV repairman came out and the diagnosis form actually reads, under the "Quote" section:"Estimate Refused."The TV has been ruled a suicide.

And you know that not even a Adrian Grenier can get into a party where Brad, Angie, the GMD, his Robo, and the real movie stars can mingle without cross contamination from the tv people or, worse still, from the reality twats. As for the potency of the diseases coming out of Hollywood Ebola’s black vaginal pit – never, EVER let your guard down. Dear Lainey, I am writing to let you know how Hollywood Ebola struck in my own home. Doesn't help that LG's warranty is only effective if sent in within 10 days of purchase…a fact I overlooked.

The Brange, Cammie D, Tom and Katie were all inside. So much so, that I purchased cable, and a Shaw box with PVR.

– showed up at the Sunset Tower for the CAA party after the Globes where a strict guest list was being enforced. My sad 19" Citizen TV with the built in VHS (TV is not a priority for me) was retired and eventually donated to my boyfriend's mother, and I became very used to having a TV that amassed almost my entire 54" wall.

Check out his words and video below, and fall in love with the city for yourself (and maybe, all over again).

“Every time I visit Los Angeles, I’m humbled to meet so Spring must finally be here, because love is in the air! Saunders, Jonathan Will close his eponymous label, adding to the long list of designers on the outs. Now Le Bron James can't wear polos for the rest of his life.Bundchen, Gisele Sings and plays guitar for Chanel No. Chanel Accused of copying Mati Ventrillon Fair Isle sweaters, apologizes. Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross posed for sweet pics together, while Ava Phillippe and Lee Daniels appeared to stay away from the camera.