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There were significant publication delays in recent years. Note that if you have paid dues for the volume year, you will receive those issues regardless of actual publication date. Appendix A - History of Local Chapters by William Beverly, Ken Wilson, George W. He has received several honorary doctoral degrees and has won several international awards for entrepreneurship. He is known throughout the world for his work in cardiovascular education and research. Daly, played an instrumental role in bringing the 1967 Pan American Games to Winnipeg.More recently he has become one of Winnipeg’s most generous philanthropists. A prolific writer, he has recently co-authored a history of medicine in Manitoba and has been in many civic and cultural activities including serving as national president of the United Nations Association of Canada. He began his rock and roll career in Winnipeg in the 60s, first with The Devrons and then with The Guess Who, known for classic songs such as “American Woman.” He and fellow band members were inducted into the Canadian Recording Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame in 1987, and in 1999 into the Manitoba Music Hall of Fame. An outstanding volunteer for community and sport organizations in Manitoba he has been actively involved in the Special Olympics and continues to be involved with sport activities at the International Peace Garden and the upcoming National Aboriginal Games. Yvon Dumont, 21st lieutenant governor of Manitoba from 1993 to 1999.It is available to current members (and those who were members during the years 2007-2009) for the low cost of shipping and handling. Simons, Edward Petteys, Lois Wang, and Fel Brunett.

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She is also active in assisting First Nations and non-status Aboriginal activities and events and now serves as chairman of The Pas Health Complex Foundation. John Mc Keag, CM, CD, 17th lieutenant governor of Manitoba from 1970 to 1976.

Pearl Mc Gonigal, CM, 19th lieutenant governor of Manitoba from 1981 to 1986, the first woman to hold the post in Manitoba. Prior to that he was general manager and president of a family business and established his own real estate business in 1960. He has been commissioned to sculpt monuments in the United States, Argentina and Brazil and his works can be found in galleries around the world.

A member of the Opaskwyak Cree Nation, he was one of the first Aboriginal graduates of the University of Manitoba and continues to live and work in the North developing education programs for Native people and promoting the traditional Aboriginal way of life.

A strong advocate of volunteerism he has served on many community boards and committees.

Liba, 22nd lieutenant governor of Manitoba from 1999 to 2004. With a career that spans law, lecturing, writing, politics and business he was twice elected to the Manitoba legislature and is a laureate of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame.