Pet lover dating systems

I looked damn sexy in them when I tried them on - and flashed my boyfriend and another guy in the store.

The bra was a little more than half cup, so if I tried really hard I could *probably* keep most of my big round nipples covered, especially when the tips got hard and caught under the heavy top seam of the cups. They weren't fully crotchless, but the crotch was two overlapping layers of material, that if I wanted I could spread them and show my horny little pussy.

It was about a 45-minute drive to a small bar with a party room in back.

My silver dollar sized nipples, with their plump fingertip sized nubs tend to stay semi erect most of the time.I guess, probably because I am always horny and thinking about sex.Overall, the outfit really looked like a satin lace bikini.I mean how dangerous could that be in a room full of strangers?(Smile) I told hubby I was going out with my girlfriends for the evening and for him not to wait up.

Then, I went to meet my boyfriend, where I put on a littler heavier makeup and then we headed off for the party.I am a professional systems administrator, but try hard not to let that get in the way of my pleasure.My husband of over 30 years, got me started in my slutty ways shortly after we were married, when he invited a friend over and told him if he wanted me to "take me".I already had a nice red and black choker that would look wonderful with this outfit, and finish it off nicely.He told me it would be up to me to decide what to wear over the sexy undies, and how many layers I would want to take off to get to the sexy woman underneath. I decided to dress in school teacher style, heavy white blouse, long full wraparound skirt, my hair up, and big glasses.Hubby watched and later assisted, in my first three way and double penetration(s).