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I consider this a bug, but I doubt Nintendo will ever fix it.Moral of the story: As shown in this photo of the Drok USB Multimeter, the 120GB PNY SSD together with the Anker USB3 enclosure idles at a mere 180m A and sometimes peaks at 250m A while under full load. And you still have an extra USB2 port free in the back for a 10/100 Ethernet adapter!It all fits perfectly and cleanly on the back of your Wii U.

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A good 1TB will set you back and easily hold all of your games. In fact, I tested it on my own Wii U and it works perfectly!If you want SSD goodness, read on: For the enclosure, I chose the Anker external USB3 enclosure () and you have a very sleek, slim, fast, and low-power device to store all your Wii U downloads and save game data.🙂 And you can always upgrade to a 1TB Seagate portable drive. If you liked this article, please help spread the word using one of the social networking sites below. I just learned about developing applications on Wii 3 days ago.As you will no doubt be aware, the Wii U will have backwards compatibility with Nintendo's previous console - but it's not ready out of the box.

IGN has reported that upon inserting a Wii disc into the console, they were notified that an update is necessary to play the game.

We are already aware that you'll need to update your Wii U fresh from the box to include key features such as Miiverse, Tvii, Wii U Chat and e Shop.

However, another very important feature in this update is Wii functionality.

) The Anker and the PNY together are pretty cheap, too.

Amazon’s prices have been fluctuating a little bit lately, but the two together can usually be had for to , total! I previously used to recommend the PNY CS1111 120GB because it was so low power and cheap, but it has now become an “old” model (despite still being generally available) which is to be replaced by a newer model, the PNY CS1311.

Hopefully we'll hear more as to whether those without an internet connection can update somehow to play their Wii games - could Nintendo include important updates on retail game discs, for example?