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Liam was raised by his mother and never knew about his father, or who he was.

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And as long as we keep spending money on stupid ideas, it takes that money away from funding more deserving ideas.

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The prince thought he had found the right virginal and impressionable woman to make his princess and told friends that he would learn to love Diana in time.

Charles was 32 years old when they tied the knot, while Diana had only just turned 20.

Here’s a very critical post at Extreme Tech.com, and another at The question that fascinates me is, why does this idea have such popular support? We all have the experience of driving down, and walking on, roads. They represent sources of both eye pollution and real pollution.

The Solar Freakin’ Roadways project has cleverly suggested, why not replace those dirty awful road surfaces with nice, clean, hi-tech surfaces that do something useful (generate electricity)? : I know I’ve wondered about all of that solar energy collected by the road, generating all that heat.He then got himself a job as a computer tech at Spencer Publications.When he goes to Forrester Creations to help Steffy Forrester with some computer problems she's having, Liam accidentally records a phone conversation between Steffy and her father Ridge Forrester that reveals that Ridge's wife, Brooke Logan Forrester, accidentally had sex with her daughter, Hope Logan's boyfriend Oliver Jones.While large age differences are nothing new in Hollywood (and are never a big deal), the fact that the prince wanted someone he could easily influence is a bit off-putting.My blog traffic has been unexpectedly blowing up with visitors to my post, Solar Roadways Project: A Really Bad Idea.While he spent a few years being a playboy, he knew he "needed to find a virgin" to marry, and that meant he had to look for someone young.