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It is on the section between the liner housing and the outer jacket on the cylinder head face . "Metal stitching" is a great way to repair iron castings, but generally not a do-it-yourself project.

Any advice on preheating / peening procedure and rod selection would be greatly appreciated,. Brazing with an oxy-fuel torch would be my first choice of a do-it-myself fix, otherwise a metal-filled epoxy.

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He did not drill the crack ends nor did he pre-heat the block well.

All he did was run the torch around the crack a few times trying to heat the area then braze. I don't think he V grooved, just tried to stick brass to onto the blocks outside. (as he would say) I would look into it alot before taking a chance on ruining the engine.

This makes it extremely difficult to get a leak free weld. The company that had it was located in Cleveland Ohio.. It was similar to the way rail track was welded in the field.. John Paul Jim; I used to work for a company called United Welding Processes in Mississauga Ont. For a water jacket crack we would typically used the tapered cast iron plugs.

The only surefire method I know of to drive these types of impurities out is to preheat the entire casting.... I avoid the pure nickel rods, and have had much better success with the ferro nickel rods, such as UTP 85 FN. I think these went by the name "Sea-tite" or something similar.

I dunno, maybe 500 or 600 degrees, then heat the cracked area up to a dull red heat, at which time, the impurities will depart that area. This rod will go on much faster than the high nickel rod, but is still peenable and machinable, should it be required. That's my 2 cents, not as a journeyman welder, but just a guy who has tried a few things. These would be installed in an overlapping fashing with one plug being drilled, tapped and installed and then the following plug would be drilled on the point where the edge of the previous plug intersected the crack.

The speed of deposit is important, because it creates less heat stress. From personal experience, I've found that the "cold welding techniques" just take 4 or 5 times longer to find out what the results will be. When finished the plugs were all ground down to slightly above the original surface and peened out.Russell Cameron Russell lives and breathes travel and brings a wide range of skills to the team from his widespread industry experience in both retail and corporate.He has a passion for culinary experiences on board cruise ships.It worked so well that I haven't had one block from them since. The first guy, was 4 years ago and he's still using the same block. Russ I have had amazing results with epoxy steel ( JB weld and such. The important thing is to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, before aplying it. I have used it extensivly on cracked engine blocks and vertical turbine intermediates ( outer casing part that impeller of vertical pumps works in).It would be a good idea to grind a "V" and drill the ends. When you think you have kneeded it enough go some more. Devcon is available for bronze, aluminum, steel, or cast iron.One of the cheap buggers didn't like how much I charged so he used JB weld on the block.