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Drug Enforcement Administration export permit, carnet, drawback, temporary import bond or certificate of registration. S., with extensive service to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico (see Fed Ex Freight U. Fed Ex Freight Advance Notice Service between the U.

If your package is suitable to be carried onboard passenger aircraft and is approved by the airline, we can arrange to have your package accompanied by a courier while in transit. In order for us to properly handle your ITAR shipments, you must identify them by selecting the appropriate check box under the special service option available on your electronic shipping platform.

Sense Awareservices, or the Fed Ex International Controlled Export service option with Fed Ex International Priority Freight service, to export items covered by a U. State Department license and other shipments requiring additional documentation processing or governmental "sign-off" prior to export. Fed Ex provides International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) shipment handling processes that align with ITAR regulations. Import Time-definite delivery from Canada and Puerto Rico to the U.

customers from more than 220 countries and territories on the fastest available flight. The Hand Carry Fee is based on the travel cost of the courier and will be quoted at the time of transaction. Learn more about how to ship internationally via Fed Ex. Flexible pickup and delivery options are available.

If the package is too large or heavy to carry on the aircraft, it may be checked as accompanied baggage. Import Skids exceeding 70" in height or 119" in length or 80" in width require prior approval. When processing ITAR shipments: Export Time-definite delivery typically within 5 business days (typically 2 or 3 business days to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico).

Multiweight Benefits Skids exceeding 70" in height, 119" in length and/or 80" in width require prior approval.

and international package limitations and shipping terms apply.

Fed Ex International Direct Economy Ocean offers you a flexible ocean solution designed to streamline your supply chain and keep your customers happy — perfect for products that have a flexible delivery schedule but demand the reliability and confidence of the Fed Ex brand.

Commodities such as dangerous goods and perishables are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

on the standard delivery date (where available; 5 up-charge). Individual pallets up to 119" in length, 70" in height; 300" in length plus girth. However, shipments can consist of either: Available to most European Union (EU) countries. Learn more about how to ship internationally via Fed Ex. Individual pieces up to 108" in length, 70" in height, 130" in length plus girth (L 2W 2H). The shipment clears customs as one entry and then is delivered to multiple end destinations via the Fed Ex network, without the need for a warehouse or distribution center. Distribution is a distribution service that may save you money on your consolidated shipments to Canada.

Call Fed Ex Freight Services at 1.800.845.4636 for more information. S., with extensive service to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada (see Fed Ex Freight U. We clear your shipment through customs as a single entry, and then deliver to individual recipients in the destination country. Individual pieces up to 108" in length, 70" in height, 130" in length plus girth (L 2W 2H). Select Piece-Count Verification if you want us to verify the number of pieces on your skids at both origin and destination. We clear your consolidated shipments through customs on a single Commercial Invoice, and then deliver to the addresses you’ve specified in the destination country. Saturday pickup is available on an exception basis only. Fed Ex Ground is available Monday–Friday, and Fed Ex Home Delivery operates Tuesday–Saturday.

Simplify your supply chain, maximize transit flexibility and contain costs with end-to-end service support.