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Many of them make up the 75,000 people who subscribe to a wrestling subreddit called Squared Circle.

This deeply active Internet community routinely has at least a thousand readers online at a time.

That came to the forefront when a caller on asked to talk about pro wrestling for the rest of the program.

All types of fans — progressives, conservatives, feminists, jocks, nerds — unite here to celebrate a love of wrestling.Fans with different views may disagree on how to treat female wrestlers like AJ Lee or how much airtime WWE Divas deserve; they typically get just one to two matches in most leagues’ televised programs, and are rarely a main event.He calls Chavo Guerrero a “defender of the downtrodden” on the band’s wrestling-themed LP, only falls behind football in Nielsen’s overall cable ratings, but wrestling is still a secret pleasure for many of its fans.It reveals itself as a slight nod to the coworker who braved wearing a WWE shirt to the office, or a secret kept until after going official with a new girlfriend — feminist wrestling fans don’t always proclaim their fandom as loudly in their daily lives as they chant in the crowds at a live ring event.They revel in the rise of wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, who is small in stature but won the WWE Heavyweight Championship after overcoming great adversity — and these fans’ eyes filled with tears when Bryan announced an indefinite hiatus from the ring due to injury.

Another idol of alternative culture and a vocal feminist, The Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle, has written songs about the feelings of empowerment he got from watching wrestling as a child.

Ticket information will be available at a later date on their website here.

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Actor and comedian Chris Gethard didn’t tell his wife about his wrestling fandom when they first started dating.

While he has long been vocal in his support of women’s issues and unsparing in his mockery of the men’s rights movement, he had been less public about his wrestling fandom.

NJPW held their first headline event in America “G1 Special in USA” over two days at the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center in July earlier this year with tickets selling out in two hours.