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But I wanted to write about this story because it fits in well with one of the most troubling aspects of the myth of male weakness: the idea that adult men might be powerless to resist the charms of a seductive teen (or even pre-teen) girl.

Listen to the chorus of complaints about how provocatively teens and tweens are dressed, and you’ll hear at least a few notes of concern that adolescents might be sending the “wrong message” to adult men.

Call it the “Lolita Myth”: the idea that pubescent girls have the power to cause men many times their age to lose all sense of right and wrong.♦◊♦We see this theme in pornography.

That she was a preteen and he in his 30s was irrelevant.

As she insisted to my friend, “sometimes girls are stronger than grown men.” Deborah seemed to remember the relationship with a mixture of pride and shame, noting that her teacher seemed powerless to resist her. But it always did.”I’ve told my friend to refer Deborah to therapy.

And one key way we help young girls develop a healthy sexuality that is theirs alone is by creating a culture in which they ♦◊♦Some teens do want, or think they want, sexual attention from older men.

But the reality that underage girls (be they 11 or 17) occasionally behave seductively towards older men doesn’t mean that older men can “be seduced.” The word “seduce” means “to be led away” or “to be led astray.” No adult is so weak that he (or she) is powerless to refuse sexual temptation, much less from a child.Our closing time refers to the last time you can join a ride queue.Please note, Nickelodeon Land will close at 6pm when our earliest ride closing time is 7pm. Children aged 2 and under that visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach receive a free Pleasure Beach Pass to enter the park, which includes the Chinese Puzzle Maze, Pleasure Beach Express, Bradley & Bella’s Learning Garden and the spectacular Dancing Water Show.(Hint: an erection doesn’t constitute significant trauma to the right temporo-parietal junction.)Deborah’s piano teacher had a choice as every man has a choice.The fact that she was blatantly seductive doesn’t in any way mitigate his responsibility to have chosen differently, just as the fact that she may have experienced both power and pleasure from what took place change the reality that she was sexually abused.So I’m quite confident that some young girls (but far fewer than are imagined by a certain kind of pornographer) do to seduce older men.