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you can compare Packages file from spacewalk in /var/cache/rhn/repodata/main_trusty/ on your spacewalk server with one from ubuntu repository.

I can confirm if I manually add “Multi-Arch: allowed” into python and python3 in /var/cache/rhn/repodata/main_trusty/Packages and create Packages.gz, “apt-get update && apt-get upgrade” works.

However, this is not a solution, as this files will be overwritten with new versions of python.

We have evaluated multiple options like apt-cache , spacewalk and we were about to finalize the spacewalk. Every desktop direct internet connection is not feasible in our environment.

Please help me to find any stable patch management tool for my 14.04 desktops or any fix for Python error during upgrade with spacewalk.

try to run: dpkg -l python It will probably get “dpkg-query: no packages found matching python” even though python is installed.

The issue you having is a bug in spacewalk and I don’t think it was reported yet.

So get . git), but apt-cache search does not find that package.

I can see apt-get update pulling down a package list, but it is only 20B (which seems really small…). [email protected]:/etc/apt# apt-get clean [email protected]:/etc/apt# apt-get update Apt-Spacewalk: Updating WARNING:root:could not open file ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’ … Maybe check your firewall/iptables settings on client and spacewalk server.

In the end, I had to move and touch /var/lib/dpkg/status [email protected]:~ cd /var/lib/dpkg/ [email protected]:/var/lib/dpkg# mv status [email protected]:/var/lib/dpkg# touch status [email protected]:/var/lib/dpkg# apt-get clean [email protected]:/etc/apt# apt-get install git Reading package lists…

Done The following extra packages will be installed: … After this operation, 175 MB of additional disk space will be used. [Y/n] n If you clean the status file, you will break dpkg, your system will not know what packages are installed.

Could you elaborate it a bit – does the original Packages in ubuntu upstream have this parameter?

Regards, Kristjan Hi There, thanks for your great manual! The compilation and installation goes without probs.

I’ve got the Spacewalk Client running on Ubuntu 14, but I’ve got problems with 12. But after the client registration, I get the error message in /var/log/up2date I’ve got up2date Warning: haldaemon or messagebus service not running. [Wed Dec 10 2014] up2date Traceback (most recent call last): File “/usr/sbin/rhnreg_ks”, line 218, in …