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And based on the justification they gave me for not refunding the money, my hunch is that they are overcharging all of their Quicken customers.

I never authorized it, and I had done nothing that would have warranted additional charges according to the terms & conditions I agreed to. They tried to show me where I was wrong, but the terms they showed me actually proved I was right. I've still not gotten a call back, and never got a refund.The fact that a company would go to these lengths to keep that they clearly do not have a right to tells you all you need to know about them.Quicken offered lots of suggestions; some of them fixed the problem for some people, but some of us were still stuck.They finally released an update for 2016 with a promise that the 2017 correction would soon follow.I would stick with them, but I can't stand the nickel and dime attitude and the deceptive practices.

Anyway, I'm glad I didn't delete everything from my bank bill payment system (FREE), because I'm going back to that. Maybe they'll get their act together one day, but this is not that day.It seems like this would be a great opportunity for a class action lawsuit.I'm volunteering to be a plaintiff if anyone wants to take the case just because they annoy me so much.And I hate to think of all the people they are stealing from because they aren't savvy enough to know they can usually pay their bills online for free through their bank.I signed up for Quicken Premier 2018 because of the "FREE" Bill Pay feature.I have automated rules set up for everything, so they only handle each bill once.