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I think that it would be beautiful if they will be the cast of FUll house II.. I thought at the first place that they will act there again as a good couple and has great chemistry.. .been seeing them wearing rolex watches before.both of them!

hey shk(ex-gf) is just right in front of him i wonder if they even have at least a lil chat(or maybe not)..Bi who's trying to hide from limelight and a bit laidback with the hood and sunglasses on inside the theater??

Both women reportedly fell for a soldier in uniform.

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Joong Ki is just a good colleague.” and dated for two years.

News of their split was announced just eight hours after Hyun Bin enlisted for his national service, which cited conflicting work schedules as the reason that drove them apart.

To be liked by others they bottle up their emotions, which takes its toll on their nervous system.

It is beneficial for them to take time alone and rest well, a report by stated.

Rihanna may have fallen in love in a hopeless place, but the stars below fell in love in a cinematic one.

Actors work closely together and they end up falling in love with each other.Soon after the press and film wrapped, the two were spotted arm in arm in Venice Beach looking like quite the lovers.Sturgess said that before he met Doona he was "worried about playing lovers in the film and wasn't sure how to show chemistry when the two couldn't communicate." Doesn't seem like that turned out to be a problem now did it Mr. While filming one of the biggest Korean dramas of all time, "All In," actors Lee Byung Hun and Song Hye Kyo fell in love with each other, sparking one of the most-talked about celebrity relationships in Korean entertainment. coz obviously he would see that coz hes at the back ninja assassin mode on? but as I read in some articles, says that they are not the cast.. Xg.jpg[/img]^you can get a glimpse of Bi up over in soompi that won bin arrived first following hye kyo and Bi just around the same time(not together tho )their one of the first one to arrive..lbh later on..lbh's not even there yet(picture)..wonder what's bi's reaction when lbh arrived and walk to his seat behind hye kyo??The soon-to-be-married couple Rain and Kim Tae-hee too share the same ‘O’ blood type.