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Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 2 BOTANICAL GAZETTE [july The cytological studies presented here will be confined chiefly to the phenomena of synapsis and reduction in the pollen mother cell. Some of these appearances have already been described ekewhere (12, p. Thus while it was found that the chromosomes could be counted abnost equally well in pollen mother cells of all the forms studied, O. The unabsorbed portion proved to be air, coming from the generator chamber. The climatological changes which set it off from the estival are quite generally appreciated, while the general blooming of the pioneer sod-formers during the early part of July with the accompanying serotinal bloomers no less dis- tinctly marks it in a floral way. That of the cotyledons is abimdantly supplied with stomata on the exterior surface of the tubular part and a small portion of the lobes. Flores conspicui; corymbis compositis; pedicellis glabris vel majus minusve pubescentibus; staminibus lo vel minus; antheris albis. His studies cover several forms of higher vascular plants, such as Friti Uaria imperialism Iris germanica, Vicia Faba, Lilium Martagon, Funkia sieboldiana^ and Osmunda regalis. (3) The double thread is formed from the reticulum during synapsis due to the paired arrangement of the constituents of the nucleus. From a study of the nucleus in meristem of the roots and in parenchyma of the stem, he finds the following stages: (i) Prophase: (a) chromatin granules are uniformly distributed throughout the fimdamental mass of the nucleus, with or without still larger chromatin knots or joints, the chromocenters; {h) the chromatic granules, separat- ing from the faintly staining fimdamental mass of the nucleus, aggregate gradually into a distinct number of larger masses, the chromocenters; (c) these chromo- centers unite to form larger masses, more compact and lengthened, which con- stitute the prochromosomes; {d) some prochromosomes fuse together by their ends into a chain, which finally results in filaments of the spirem; the spirem by this time is homogeneous in structure, but it is uncertain whether it is a single continuous thread; {e) the filaments of the spirem segment into a definite num- ber of chromosomes, which seem to be more numerous than the prochromo- somes. So many forms are described that the work will be good for reference. The compression is quite strong, as one may find cases in which the central cylinder is widely ruptured with the fissure extending for some distance into the cortex. O., Zur Kenntnis der Entwicklung von Saxegothaea conspicua Lind L Svensk. In Microcachrys a large percentage of the grains have three rather poorly developed wings, though the greater niunber are of the type which is characteristic of the higher members of the group.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Various forms have been studied, a complete series of stages being obtained in some forms and a partial series or only a few stages being examined in others. rubrinervis was found to be especially favorable for the investigation of reduction phenomena, especially the events of synapsis and the prophases of the heterotypic mitosis. rubrinervis, with occasional comparisons with other forms. The gases thus derived were diluted with air to form mixtures containing 2 per cent, ethylene. In discussing the composition of illuminating gas we can hardly do better than quote a paragraph from Smith's (16) General chem- istry for colleges: The illuminating gas in Europe, and in many of the smaller cities of the United States, is usually coal gas; while in the larger cities of America it is almost always made from water gas. I 16.6 19.8 32.1 26.1 2.4 30 45 o 35.8 14.6 17s 25.0 65.0 These are average numbers, and considerable variations from these propor- tions are often met with. One records now less dissimilarity in aspect and tone on crest, slope, and base; the more open association, however, still marks the crest. No stomata occur on the part of the cotyledons remaining in the endosperm, on the interior surface of the cotyledons, or on the primordia. — Median longitudinal section of embryo at right angles to inner faces of cotyledons. Fructus durus, cum pilis raris, late pyriformis; longe 9*^*^, in longitudinem costatus; » Univ. From his investigation of the pollen mother cell and meristematic tissue of these forms, he concludes that there exist central bodies in the mitotic figiu-e of the fern and flowering plants which are of nuclear origin and are analogous to blepharophlasts. In very young mother cells of Lilium, Funkia, and Osmunda, chromatin is observed escaping from the nucleus in various spots. (4) The double thread fuses into a single spirem, but at the time of segmentation into chromo- somes it splits along the line of fusion (thus an element of each bivalent chromo- some is not one-half resulting from the division of a single spirem, but an entire piece of the double thread which fused to form a single spirem). (2) Metaphase: The chromosomes become arranged in the equatorial plate, where they divide and the daughter chromosomes separate. Tuzso N'9 has observed for six years two trees of Robinia Pseudo-Acacia, 30 to 40 years old, and has found them producing only cleistogamous flowers. — Nathorst,* in connection with the publication of the results of the Russian Polar Expedition of 1 900-1903, has given an accoimt of the Triassic and Jurassic plants from the Island of Kotelny. Among the most interesting Jurassic remains are the leaves and cone scales of a pinelike conifer. Systematik, Pflanzengeschichte, und Pflanzengeographie 40:1-14. Examination of the cells in immediate contact with the apex of the in-grown root shows them to be intact, so far as any corrosion or wasting-away of the walls is concerned. The winging of the grain is, as it were, in its experimental condition in Microcachrys, and the form is to be considered in this respect as a transitional one between Saxegothaea on the one hand and Dacrydium and Podocarpus on the other.

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