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All of the animals spend their lives on the ranch and are finished on grass.

A subsequent 2016 study reaffirmed what was originally discovered – the housing demands in Summit County were significant.Both studies concluded that at least 1685 housing units need to be created by 2020 to sustain the growing workforce.So, we spend a lot of time managing expectations.”Many of 320 Guest Ranch’s challenges stem from their reliance on third-party sites.They don’t own the relationship with bookings, and therefore, can’t control their messaging on those sites.All of our row crop and pasture land is certified organic and managed using the principles of Holistic Management.

We produce healthy, delicious pastured beef and lamb, which we sell directly to consumers.

Construction of the Green Mountain Reservoir Dam began in 1938 as part of the Colorado Big-Thompson Project.

The Knorr Ranch once existed at the basin of the present-day Green Mountain Reservoir waters and was relocated to land at a higher elevation surrounding the reservoir to accommodate the project.

The Knorr Lakeside Ranch presents an opportunity for future development of sub-dividable land with water rights, to help meet the housing demands of the growing community.

This unencumbered property overlooking the reservoir is also ideally situated for a developer with big ideas, including the potential for a golf course or other project that has unique requirements such as ample water resources.

Summit County has an aggressive conservation and open space program, with a mill levy funding mechanism in place for acquisition of open space.