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I hope Clint Lien, the director had a blast cuz I'm sure he was alone in that. We have a total of 33 contributors, 8 directly from this forum. To Producers, this is the kind of girl that sells movies. BTW, the 8176 cover reminds me of a roadtrip through Maine. I was never into the Crux fetish until Red Feline came along.I could only squeeze a couple of fake bondage/belting plus some impractical chair tying. Guys if you're thinking of getting a custom with your favorite bondage producer, now is the time, bondage models like this are one in a million. The size and ferocity of their lobsters was the same. If experience serves us any good, a model looking that good will be fussy to do anything more than a play with a rope (a la Restrained Elegance, nothing wrong with them) or a pair of handcuffs. With all the talk of the Rack lately, I am disappointed to hear that the Rack perk is getting no love.Also I wonder was there or is there a friend connection with Quoom and Arcimboldo which hopefully is still alive? A separate note of concern for Ralphus and I: Sir Steven has not logged in at the SD forum since April and is not answering his e-mail. @Bill K.: I had some contact to Arcimboldo, but honestly spoken: for a close internet friendship I'm too lazy with writing.

Another expat in the Philippines listed 8 foolproof ways to find out if your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on Happier Abroad forum. They dream of this as kids and are so happy when they get them.

But then once they get them the day the guy leaves they have no problems with hooking up with other guys.

In fact several of the stories I have been paid to write involve female game characters. ---------------- I suppose I should comment on the poll before Ralphus decrees it complete.

A guy had me do a commission story a little while back about the character Ciri being captured by three cannibalistic witches in the third game. All of the artists adjusted their styles to give the book a pretty consistent feel.

Glad to see "Justine" is getting some momentum again.

______ Also, good to see Barbie get her just reward....little slut.How old is the 2nd part of the Red Feline Inquisition series then?Sorry I'm not up on the history of Red Feline much before Maleficarum.This scene should please those who like fiery tortures."2nd part of the Red Feline Inquisition series" Jock0 said in post 8320 The Arcimboldo site I got the barbe Quoom picture from was archived (not active) in 2002 by the Wayback Machine.They are very loving and caring women that would be great to live with and do their best to make you happy. However I am not sure that I could ever trust one to be faithful.