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The result is that a great many Christian women desire to marry but do not find a suitable match in the church.This is a cause for many Christian to repent and for churches to direct attention on the Christian maturity of young men.I have heard many attractive and godly women who were business executives lament that the Christian men they know tend to be romantically involved with nurses and school-teachers.

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no or little sex drive), then you should consider the priorities and the trajectory of your life, along with the needs of godly women for husbands.

A related point is that many men show immaturity in their attractions, constantly neglecting wonderful women who might be interested for more outwardly attractive or younger women who will not be.

It is well documented that men in our society are maturing later in life -- often only in their mid to late 30's.

As such, they pull back from the responsibility involved in serious dating and marriage.

But Christians who desire marriage and sorrow in singleness should prayerfully reflect on their maturity and character, together with the priorities revealed in their lives, and then prayerfully seek the Lord's grace in providing exactly what his wisdom declares that we need. It may be an aid and blessing to those wrestling in this area.reformation21 is the online magazine of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

It is supported only by its readers and gracious Christians like you.I realize that saying this will not make me popular with a great many young men, but it remains widely true and needs to be said.If you are an unmarried adult man, who does not have the gift of singleness (i.e.These are far more prevalent problems than most Christians realize.So Christians need to be befriending singles in order to get to know them as people and to minister to their lives.Each single should trust God to provide for his or her needs, remembering that God's great provision is the gift of his own love through Jesus Christ.