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It is also very much not a Pagan event, because it is not run by Pagans, and Pagans, while they may enjoy being at a ren faire, are not always on the radar of the marketers of most faires (but we know they're there).

Ren faires, unlike Pagan fests or SCA events, are held to make money: though not all participants make money, or participate for money, the owners of the faire grow wealthy (at least this was true in the '90s; many have given up their faires because they're not getting as wealthy as they used to), and merchants and stage acts participate to make some or all of their living.

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We found a few colorful versions of this yummy party snack, “Trix Cereal” are so colorful and perfect to go with our candy theme, here’s a simple recipe ! “Wicked Chocolate Face Frosting” Spa Products Slumber Party Games ..we’ve got them here ………. so “ ROCK IT OUT MOM’s “ For somemore fun spa ideas, visit our Pinterest Board ……Ren faires began in California in the early '60s when a woman named Phyllis Patterson created a living history fair as a high school project for her students.The fair was a one-weekend event featuring volunteer actors and local vendors.You can by just To plan the perfect spa party you will need creative spa’s one from Two Girls & a Card Shop I just Love this invite, fits the theme perfectly and so creative. Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.