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Then, Kirt, in a spirit of peace and reconciliation reached out to me, asking for more detail. Those who demonstrate such desires will always get my respect and admiration.

People like Kirt are truly wonderful, and I encourage everyone to follow his example. After all, this is the kind of thing that marks us as true followers of Christ.

I’m glad that I was unable to do that, because it would have been a waste of time. There are things happening, right now, that no one is talking about, that are insanely serious.

And that means that this ‘code of silence’ must end.Please understand that hiding the sins of the elders is the way of Satan.It’s hard to miss his presence, when you do research certain topics.Well, from the moment that I discovered him, I spent a lot of time listening to Rick and even contributed to his ministry when I had the money to do so.Unfortunately, there can be no ‘peace and reconciliation’ with heresy. Sometimes, you can just warn people to steer clear.

But then, there are times when you need to dive head-first into an open rebuke.I had been asleep, and I needed to quickly get on the right track.I don’t know when I stumbled over Rick Wiles, but it had to have been pretty early on.But, over the course of time, I began to notice anti-Israel rhetoric creeping into his dialogue.I didn’t think too much about it, but I wrote him a few times to ask him to be careful.I have heard reports from trusted sources, of those who have met and talked with Rick. Even worse, there are those who teach rebellion against God. People like Rick Wiles, Stephen Anderson and Kenneth Copeland are all leading their followers into rebellion against God.