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With the new schedule of Guides, we will be able to deliver better information to the Amiga community on what is available for the Amiga and how they can best use their machines.

We hope this information will not only create a more informed Amiga community, but increase both Amiga computer and third-party sales of hardware and software.

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Wc'rc so confident you'll agree that, for a limited time only, we'll send you a working copy of EZ-BACKUP (limited only by the number files it handles) for only five dollars. Only one full back up required- Everl Space on the disks is managed by deleting obsolete archive files and allowing you lo save from 0-255 versions of each file. All rights reserved, First Class or Air Mail rales available upon request. AMIGA™ is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.

To receive your demonstration disk and a discount certificate mail S5-00, your name, and your address to: EZ-BACKUP DEMO DEAL, 10668 ELLEN ST., EL MONTE, CA 91731 Publisher: Assistant Publisher: Circulation Manager: Asst. Circulation: Corporate Trainer: Traffic Manager: Joyce Hicks Robert J. EDITORIAL Managing Editor: Editor: Hardware Editor: Submissions Editor: Technical Editor: Music & Sound Editor: Assistant Editor: Copy Editor: Copy Editor: Art Director: Photographer: Illustrator: Production Manager: Don Hicks Ernest P. Your files are saved-even if you have completely deleted them from the hard drive! From The Managing Editor A changing of the guard Most of our long-time readers are aware of tire growth of Amazing Computing™, In past issues I have reminisced about tire small room and then the basement we started producing AC in over three years ago.

(UPS), Part H by Steve Bender Steve continues his discussion on the technical aspects and details of various types of UPS units.

Programming the ‘881 Part n by Read Predmore A discussion on how to calculate Mandelbrot & Julia sets. Page Stream Part I by Barney Schwartz A look at Soft-Logik’s full-featured document processor.

New Products & Other Neat Stuff Add another dimension to your Amiga with Design 3D, Escape from the abandoned planet Atrax, and more! Grace A low cost way to boost your Amiga's performance Public Domain Software Catalog Try the best backup software anywhere for 5 bucks. Michael Morrison Richard Rae Michael Creeden Atmee Duarte Jan Hammond William Fries Paul Michael Brian Fox Donna M. Send article submissions in both manuscript and disk format to the Co-Editor.

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