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This along with the “stereotypes” of Romanians in the UK – which is not that great! ( You would think that this is Paris but this is the belle view from the Palatul Parlamentului ) But let’s cut straight to the chase: Romania’s alrights – or at Bucharest is – that’s where I was based. Apart from the few Nigerian (and handful of East African) students at universities along with a very small but growing number of interracial relationships and marriages taking places – many black migrants and travellers pass through Romania instead of choosing to settle within Romania – at least according to my friends who engage in the migration sector.

I was in constanta port and a guy who came to give supply for ship compared me to dog, well I gave befitting reply.Anyway Now let me move to the important point Romanians are great people and they are not racist .( Marriages are important to Romanian communities – on a more humble scale I actually very much like them ) There’s quite a few traditions I’ve heard about.It is a sign of bad luck to see another bride on the wedding day.By the way; never speak to a bus driver whilst they are driving as the hand gestures, sighs and looks you’ll get from the passengers whilst not aggressive are still unpleasant.

Another thing , similar to greek culture is that many women who die before getting married are buring in a white wedding dress – coming from the UK i found this rather interesting.

( typical sunny day along the picturesque boulevards ) The number of students who choose to study at UBB and UMF Romanian universities are growing one year to another. I’d dare call it Europe’s most ‘African city feel’ city (if I can call it that).

They come from developed countries like Germany or France, but also from long distance countries so different from Romania and even of the European ones, like Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, for example. However – to make sure I am not biased; i am well aware that it will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

They’re generally in big cities on business, pleasure or education. If you go to the rural areas where it’s still common to find donkeys, smiling children and traditional carts – you will be stared at.

And not in the politically correct ‘British’ sly staring – but “full blown in your face coming up to you out of their homes, cars slowing down winding down the windows” type of staring.

The bride is kidkapped – usually by a group of male guests – or friends of the brie usually to another restaurant or club and demand for a ransom to bring the bride back, these ransoms vary widely.