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Further, Africa was an epicenter of Christian theology and philosophy, reflected in the influential thinking of early Christian theologians like St.Augustine of Hippo in the 4th century, and in travel accounts of such Islamic scholars as Leo Africans and Ibn Battuta.Whether it is the sweeping history of the African-American experience or the intimate personal stories of the hundreds of women who made up the feminist movement, Mc Gee Media uses television, film and digital media in radical new ways to inform and inspire.

The series also examines the ancient African kingdoms increasingly complex relationships with the political economies of Europe and the burgeoning trans-Atlantic slave trade, and how these interactions began to change the internal dynamics of the continent.Finally, the series draws to a close at the end of the 19th century, when the infamous Scramble for Africa witnesses the industrial nations of Europe fighting for control of the vast riches of Africas natural resources, and when on the Plains of Adwa, Ethiopia makes a heroic stand against an invading colonial power.Viewers examine the origins of the first human beings in Africa and the art and writing they created, and are introduced to unique environmental marvels such as the Gilf Kebir plateau, Jebal Barkal, the major climatic transformation of the Sahara Desert, and the emergence of cities in Egypt, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, South Africa, Great Zimbabwe, Angola, Benin, Ghana, Morocco and beyond.In terms of cultural and artistic innovation, the program looks at how the sculptors of West Africa exhibited craftsmanship rivaling that of European masters, and how the early Christian church both through its theology and Christianitys most architecturally stunning foundations was nurtured in African cities like Alexandria, in Nubia along the banks of the Nile River and in Ethiopia.AFRICAS GREAT CIVILIZATIONS EXPLORES THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF AFRICA FROM THE DAWN OF MAN TO THE COLONIAL ERA Hosted by Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray from PBS Distribution May 16th Arlington, Va.

In the program, Gates chronicles a sweeping 200,000-year journey of discovery, showing the complexity, grandeur and diversity of many millennia of undiscussed and unknown details about Africas compelling and dramatic history.

Gates presents for the first time for a popular audience a new vision not only of Africas pivotal place in world history, but also the worlds relation to Africa.

Africa is the ancestral home to the human community and to many of the pivotal breakthroughs in the history of civilization, yet the continent continues to be stereotyped as an isolated and underdeveloped region in the mind of outsiders, devoid of any profound historical achievements, says Gates.

This series will dispel these myths and other inaccuracies about Africa through a detailed and riveting examination of significant historical events, such as the rise of its powerful kingdoms, the growth of extensive trade networks with the Middle East, Europe and China, seminal technological and artistic discoveries, and its peoples resilience in the face of harrowing past traumas.

We made this series to end this ignorance about the African past, to reveal how Africans not only shaped the history of their continent, but also how profoundly and how extensively Africa has shaped the contours of our modern world.