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Members can view videos, which adds to its view count.

This seems like just a number, but it determines how much ad revenue a channel receives, making it very important.

For those who don’t know, Rooster Teeth is an online production company that’s been producing content for around 15 years or so, with two of its biggest animated series being Red vs. Over the past few years, they’ve grown tremendously in size and ambition, and are producing more animated series than is even possible to keep track of.

This was a group that produced videos that showed how to attain certain achievements, challenges that can be completed in a game for a point value, for new and upcoming games.

They then ventured into entertainment let’s plays with their aptly named Let’s Play label.

In these podcasts, a rotating cast of Rooster Teeth staff have candid conversations with each other about their jobs and their everyday lives.

Because they are streamed live, fans are able to use Twitter to send messages that will be seen by the podcast members.

Members can also post videos of their own and comment to have discussions about the video in question. Through the medium of You Tube, “members build a connection with the community and the media content creator when providing feedback through comments and video responses” (Chau).

Through these connections, media consumption becomes more of a discussion than just a one way relationship.

In 2003, a group of college dropouts were about to make the best decision of their lives.

These friends had been making articles and videos about video games on the internet for a couple of years, but when an old video of theirs was going to be featured in , a popular PC gaming magazine, they decided on a whim to use the publicity to launch a new video series (Rigney).

Around this company is a large fandom with fans that aren’t just passively consuming the content.

The unique internet culture fostered by companies such as Rooster Teeth offer many opportunities for their fans to be creative in their own right.

Rooster Teeth has gone on to produce live action shorts, web comics, game shows, news shows, animated series, documentaries, podcasts, and most importantly let’s plays Let’s plays are recorded videos of a game being played as the player provides commentary on their actions (Fjællingsdal).