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He was well educated, slightly older than me and we went on travels a lot.

We also went out to dinners a few times a week and to a lot of parties.

When we caught up with her, she was eager to share the tips and wisdom she’s gathered battling rosacea for more than a decade.

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He commented me a lot on my looks, but more so we shared a real passion for travels, study and for endless discussions. When I started to get unexplained burning and flushing, and all the troubles that I described in the first posts began, he tried to be helpful and flexible.

He felt for me and I could see that he felt helpless most of the time.

I could sleep with the window open at night, but he did moan about it a bit with time and wanted to sleep in separate beds, with extra blankets.

He initially went with me to health shops to look for 'allergy' free foods, but that soon became a bit of a bore and a hassle.

That’s the worst thing you can do because you’re treating this as if it’s an acne, a bacterial condition where you have to scrub away that bacteria. So the more harsh things you do to your skin, the more your blood vessels are going to get inflamed and the redness and the breakouts will come with it.’ 3. For Cynthia, red wine is one of the biggest culprits leading to a rosacea flare-up. ‘I do spend a lot of time moisturising with cremes and also with oils,’ she says.

‘It’s not like you can never have a glass of red wine again,’ she says. ‘And I carry stuff with me during the day to make sure my skin stays hydrated.’ 7. When it comes to your skincare routine, it’s important not to overdo it.‘But you might not want to do it when you’re at an important event where you’re going to be photographed.’ And we’re sorry to burst your bubble, but white wine can also be a trigger, as with all forms of alcohol. Just like that glass of merlot you’re drinking, spicy foods can trigger rosacea symptoms. For Cynthia, staying hydrated and drinking water helps keep ker skin looking good. ‘I wash my face once at night and that’s it,’ Cynthia says.However, red wine tends to be the most likely to cause an flare-up. So if you’re on a hot date, maybe go for the tikka masala instead of the vindaloo. ‘I’ve gone from kind of giving my skin a workout to kind of treating my skin more like a princess that needs to be pampered.’ 8. ‘I have to say, one of the things I’ve found – particularly as I’ve gotten older – is that makeup is a wonderful enhancer, but you really should wear as little as possible,’ she says.It’s such an impediment to looking your best and feeling your best.I don't think any normal, relaxed, problem solving partner will initially see rosacea like an impediment for a normal, exciting even relationship. Because why would rosy (read: red, burning) cheeks be anything more than an inconvenience?‘But when I had my rosacea, that really wasn’t an option [when I was filming Sex and the City].