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A quick post today in the hopes that this will save someone some hassle at some point.

If you get the following error message from Visual Studio BIDS or SQL Server Data Tools: Index was out of range.

I have gridviews all over the place that use actual "grids" And...more than one set of data to update. This is all way too complicated for what I need to do here. Customer Center_myaccount.gridview_Myinfo_Row Updating(Object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\myinternal\customersinside\My vb:line 399 Yea, my code looks very similar to that. Row Updating ..the procedure on the side and it works. Can you tell me how you would update data when you need to say...update an address block? Do you mean select only columns that are part of the customer address and update that without updating the rest of the data in the row? You wanted to know how I'm getting to the rowupdating event? Row Updatingie Protected Sub gridview_My Info_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Cell(0)", and so [email protected] Kim Also, you should not have your column headers inserted into the first row on your table.Header Text to the desired text if you currently have them inserted into the table itself.When I invoke the updatecommand of the gridview, it barfs.

I get the index out of range exception when compiling my grid view to display a set of orders.

But..want to do it programatically And you want to use your own tables? Can you answer this then I can send a code snippet to illustrate the answer I mean simply a few things like address, city, state, zip, etc. Could this have anything to do with the datalist that is also on the page? Also, someone suggested that I check my page_load section. In other pages, I was setting it in the gridview (ASP) itself.

I've done this a thousand times with the gridview, so don't ask me why I'm getting this error now. Write(ex) End Try End If End Sub THAT....appears my e.'s always -1 in updatecommandmode...nothing happens. The only thing there except turning on-and-off labels is a databind which is Only called if Not-Postback. So to recap..I remove the if-then from above and just get the error the exception writes out I still get.... Argument Out Of Range Exception: Index was out of range.

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Bind Data() End If End Sub if i enable the View State, it will return an error "Failed to load viewstate.

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