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I have tried a number of dating sites (elite singles, eharmony and pof) and RSVP is the only one that is truly genuine.

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I would like some clarity before going back to this site.I just signed up with a new email address I've NEVER used on au before, however within 5 minutes, I got a message saying "1 member has viewed you in the last 42 days", and of course gives the link to upgrade your membership. How could someone have found me 42 days ago when I didn't exist on the site up until 5 minutes ago??? Once upon a time I thought you were the most respectful singles site around, now no longer.It seems odd that genuine profiles would not be updated.I wasted my stamps as whilst the profiles seemed like the guys were looking for genuine relationships all they did was ask for flesh. Also you get time and money wasters who let you use your stamps on them when they have no interest at all to keep themselves in the top 100. I used a prepaid credit card to buy my stamps so I can't review on the level of honesty when it comes to debits. Same people are on Tinder, Oasis and other free sites.After my stamps expire I may take a few weeks, months or even years off the site to find my feet again and question whether not I'm going about this the right way. So, after the stamps expire, in the weeks and months after, I receive kisses. Not accusing anyone of anything, nor can I prove anything.

Not from glamour's 10 years my junior, women my own age. I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that this self doubt is a little paranoia.

To summarise, this site is not bogus or a ripoff and is by far the best online dating site that I have found.

they are a total joke nothing but scammers either profiles that don't exist or robots that reply to you once and then get taken offline - except they state - NO LONGER A MEMBER OF RSVP OR MEMBER HAS BEEN REMOVED BY RSVP - it is a total joke and hopefully this might stop other genuine people from falling into the trap of this joke of a site Scam alert! I wish I read these review before handing over my money!

Their terms of conditions are misleading and to their advantage, so you will never get a refunded stamp! I've been on RSVP for years, I've tried my best to upload good photos and show my inner self, my compassionate side, however unlike in real life where I can enter a room and engage in conversation with a stranger and have a generally good experience - with RSVP I have spent years trying to get a simple reply to my first paid response, I get the feeling people are not serious or are unaware at least that the first recipricated positive response is means for a third response which is a PAID first personalised message...

I have found that when I get a positive response to me making first paid contact nothing will happen, ignorance by no response, now I'm not doing anything more than making general greetings and remarks about the profile yet I have found I get no reply, like I bought a girl a drink in a bar only for her to walk away with it without a word (something that has never happened to me in a real life situation nor would I expect) if I am doing it wrong let me know but I am sure I have not been rude, but the lack of response burns as this seems to only happen to me on a paid site.

Contacted rsvp support team and all you get is a generic response from some dude called [name removed].