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Shortly after the IPO of in 2010, he sold all of his shares in the company.

Some of those apps began operating as early as 2009."Some apps were built prior to the platform change in 2015, so they did have access to the earlier version of our platform," a Facebook spokesperson said."That made it possible for users to consent to sharing information about themselves, as well as their friends."Facebook says the majority of's apps were test apps that remained private and that only a handful actually launched publicly.The news is out today that Yuri Milner has stepped down from the role of Chairman of and from the Board of Directors.But this is more interesting than the bare facts would suggest.Still, Facebook is now investigating, along with all other apps that had access to large quantities of user data prior to the changes.

But, the spokesperson says the investigation is not itself a condemnation. If we detect any suspicious activity or potential misuse, that’s when we formally audit a company."Facebook granted thousands of other companies the same data access as prior to 2015.And yet, recent concern over Russia's manipulation of social networks in the run-up to the 2016 election may cast the relationship between the two companies in a new light.In a statement to WIRED, a spokesperson for wrote, "We assume that while changing API Facebook changed the terms for the clients who had popular applications that had not been updated to the latest version [...] We definitely use our cooperation with Facebook strictly for business needs of our products and strictly according to the Facebook regulations."and Facebook have a history.said in the statement, "It’s disconcerting that four months after this scandal became public Facebook still has no idea how many others have its users’ data and how that data is being used today.”Democratic senator Mark Warner, who has been investigating Russia's manipulation of social media platforms as vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a statement, "We need to determine what user information was shared with and what may have been done with the captured data.” Warner expressed particular concern that key players at, including major investor Alisher Usmanov, "boast close ties to Vladimir Putin."At the very least, the fact that Facebook is only now coming forward with this bit of information, nearly a year after investigations into Russian actors' manipulation of Facebook began, indicates a glaring lack of transparency on Facebook's part.Throughout its thousands of responses to the House committee, Facebook was asked repeatedly about what access Russian state agencies had to Facebook user data.Facebook responded saying that it received 34 requests for data from the Russian government between 20 and didn't provide data in response to any of them.