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If you want to meet russian a girl on the Internet, then you need to know what you can write.

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There's nothing wrong with trying to make a good impression by sending her your best recent, accurate pictures, just make sure they ARE accurate and recent.

But presenting an accurate picture of yourself is only half the challenge with Russian online dating.

You shouldn't accept any excuses from women for not cooperating in the process.

Common excuses are things like "I don't have a camera, so I can't send more recent photos...", "I don't have computer at home, and not enough money for internet cafe, so I can't write much...

In order for Russian online dating to actually help you get better acquainted with Russian women, you will need to (1) communicate much more than than you might normally do with women you meet through a domestic web-based matchmaker (, e Harmony, etc.), and (2) you must be honest (recent, accurate pictures, honest descriptions of you and your life).

Ignore these two things and you will end up wasting a LOT of time and money.

I met one Russian woman who told me of a man she met whose pictures were obviously taken many years, and pounds, earlier.

She told him she didn't even recognize him from his pictures. " She answered him, "No, but looks are obviously important to you, otherwise you would have sent accurate pictures of yourself... " The fact is he may have had a chance with her if he had sent his recent/accurate pictures, but his obvious dishonesty and insecurity about his appearance turned her off more than the accurate pictures would have. ON AVERAGE Russian women are FAR LESS LIKELY to reject you based on looks.

And looking around at the couples in Russia/Ukraine, it is obviously true.

In Russian online dating you should definitely put your best foot forward, but you must also be honest and realistic.

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