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His nigahiga channel has also recorded over 100 million views and he currently has the most subscribed You Tube channel of all-time ahead of such prominent You Tube users as Shane Dawson and Fred.

Wish we could spend more time here but we're off to Austin! #nah #How To Write Good A post shared by notryanhiga (@notryanhiga) on The proficient You Tube star, Ryan Higa is living a lavish life.

As per the online sources, Higa’s net worth is reported to be around million.

Unknown Ryan Higa has endorsed some brands and products through his social media and You Tube activity.

He also might have endorsed some products indirectly by using them in his You Tube videos.

But, Ryan was rumored to be dating Arden Cho, a famous model, and actress.

Thank you Chicago (or more specifically "Naperville" so that y'all don't yell at me) we sold out again!

It was directed by the guys from Wong Fu Productions (Wesley Chan, Ted Fu, and Phillip Wang). It stars Higa, Arden Cho, D-Trix, Kassem G, Smosh, Aki Aleong and Hi Im Rawn, along with original music by George Shaw, and visual effects by Corridor Digital.

The 20-year-old Higa was born in Hilo, Hawaii to Japanese-Hawaiian parents.

In 2008, he made his film debut in the comedy movie, Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure.

In 2007, Ryan was first seen in the comedy TV series Niga Higa as himself. Ryan Higa’s workout routine and diet plan aren’t known.

Gemini Hilo, Hawaii, United States Las Vegas, Nevada, U. Ryan Higa went to the Waiakea High School in his hometown and graduated in 2008.