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Is picked up by the long-haul-trucker version of Eminem (along with former love interest Samantha Ronson), who advises her to end her relationship and "come back to seeing men/ Samantha's a 2, you're practically a 10." Perhaps she listened. Mayer, John: Guitar-slinging troubadour/ celebrity-cruise enthusiast. Only makes a brief cameo in "We Made You," as a sensitive, porkpie-hat-wearing singer/songwriter.Impressive, if only because we don't think we've actually ever seen Mayer wear a porkpie hat.

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The targets come fast and furious, lyrically and visually, so to help you keep track of them all, we've compiled a list.

Alphabetized for your convenience, here's Eminem's "We Made You" celebrity-slam list: Alba, Jessica: Actress.

Believe it or not, this is only about the third most insulting scene in the "We Made You" video.

Simpson, Jessica: Fallen pop star masquerading as country artist.

Last time a blond bombshell (emphasis on the ), the results worked wonders for sales, but the stunt only opened the starlet to more ridicule and scrutiny.

Hey, at least Lindsay had the balls to be photographed in the buff—tho she forgot to wipe the years of wasted potential off her freckled face.My question is, have there ever been any (out) gay actors to win an Academy Award for playing straight? Wicked Witch Broomwill, East Dear Ted: I've never guessed on your Blind Vices before, but these two seem so easy.Snarla Sledgehammer from One Whipping Oy Blind Vice has to be Debra Messing, and Butch Spit-Spat from One Karma-Killin' Blind Vice is Warren Beatty. Kai Aiea, Hawaii Dear En Famille: Sweet as I think Catt is, darlin’, I barely know the babe, just from getting coffee at the E! The overexposure is actually making me care less and less every time.There's also a pretty apt Elvis-as-cultural-appropriator metaphor that applies here, but let's just move on. Em puts on Romo's pads, thrusts his pelvis, rubs up on an actress portraying Jessica Simpson, tosses a hamburger for a touchdown.Unlike real-life Romo, he does not also choke during playoffs. Appears alongside Lohan in Eminem's truck, latter battles him on "Planet Womyn," while hundreds of lesbians cheer her on.Michaels, Bret: Em opens the clip dressed as the "Rock of Love" star, mocks his impressively arched eyebrows and bandanna-and-cowboy-hat predilection.