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The following list details the Governors-General of the Company, a position of supreme authority over the three Indian Presidencies created in 1773 by the Regulating Act, the first movement by Britain to rope in "John Company".

It is largely an agricultural district, but well-known for distinctive architectural styles and important crafts.The Gujaratis have had an outward-looking sea-faring tradition for millennia, and even today natives of Gujarat or descendents of Gujaratis form a larger than average percentage of Indians living abroad.This was the center and capital of Portuguese Asia and during the hetday of the Portuguese Empire in the 16th century it was of great power and influence in southern Asia generally.A region in western India bounded by Kutch to the west and Malwa to the east, with the Arabian Sea around the Kathiawar Peninsula extending across its southwestern flank.Just over the edge of Awadh's northeastern frontier with Nepal is the site of the ancient Sakya district, birthplace of Gautama Buddha.

Bounded by Iran, Afghanistan, India, and the Indian Ocean. In ancient times this was the land of Mokran, a transit between the Persian Gulf and the Indus Valley civilization.

Anjuvannam was created by a grant from Bhaskara Ravivarman II, the Chera Emperor of Kerala, to Joseph Rabban, the leader of the exceedingly ancient Malabari Jewish community.

The grant was engraved on a set of copper plates, extant to this day, which forms a charter of royal privileges for Kerala's Jews.

Some have postulated that Anjuvannam was not a traditional territorial principality, but rather an extraterritorial principality to which all the Jews of Kerala belonged (akin to the authority of the Resh Galuta in the Muslim world).

A town strategically placed on the route between Madras and Bangalore, in southern India.

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