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Why did you choose G-Dragon and Sandara Park as moonshot’s brand ambassadors?

There were talks in the beginning when we are creating moonshot that we should use G-Dragon in the beginning of the brand but we didn’t want it because we want it to be strategic.

You know people can do that with their lipstick and use it on their cheeks and everything, but the thing is, we wanted to come up multi-functional products that can really be used everywhere on your skin… So when it comes to the brand’s name – moon and shot – you get a sense of [something] drastically different.

At first this story is interesting but now I think im gonna stop watching,because it gets boring.either kissing,flirting or sleeping together.. Regardless they hve good cast.thats what make the story still going i guess. Can't wait for wednesday and Thursday just to watch this show ♥♥♥. And PMY told already that she doesn't care about angles and appearance while filming. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young ❤❤ At first I was bias, I liked this drama because of Seo Joon.

I watched this out of curiosity what is wrong with kim miso.. Story is interesting at the started to be boring and repeated.. I also like kiss scenes, but mainly thanks to Park Seo Joon, because he was leading the kisses and he did it good. After just a few episodes, the other cast members are daebak! After a few episode their chemistry is just overflowing! Here comes the power couple, Bong Se Ra & Yang Cheol! @kdrama_fan I believe the actress' name is Son Sung Yoon.

So when you ask about the character of the brand, it’s more like bold.

[But] because both concepts are [happening] at the same time, it could [also] be playful because these two different things are in the same category. More from CLEO: 2NE1’s Sandara Park Tells Us Why The Moonshot Cushion Is Great For Singaporeans YG Entertainment’s Cosmetics Brand Is Now Available In Singapore Top 7 Fashion Tricks You Need To Steal From Big Bang’s G-Dragonmoonshot is owned by YG Entertainment.

When YG Entertainment first announced that they would be launching a beauty brand, moonshot, to add to their belt of varied businesses, many expected them to pick Big Bang’s G-Dragon as the brand ambassador.

However, when they debuted with actress Lee Sung Kyung (who is also under YG Entertainment) as the face of the brand, we thought maybe they didn’t want to associate their brand to YG artistes. We spoke to the Creative Director of moonshot, Jenny Park, on the brand’s concept and choosing G-Dragon and 2NE1’s Sandara Park as spokespersons. It [stemmed] from breaking rules and stereotypes of all the other beauty brands out there.And then we do all the high-fives when we play with the customers…So it’s about the products, but at the same time, the culture.If they aren't wearing the same baseball jumpers, they share the same hair colour. Recent reports suggest that "BIGBANG" star is allegedly dating Sandara Park, the youthful, bubbly singer of Kpop band, "2NE1." This news comes after GD's break up with Japanese model, Kiko Mizuhara.On 2 September, Sandara Park posted a picture of herself on Instagram sporting purple hair.And most of all she has really beautiful skin, [which is important because] it’s a cushion product that we’re launching.