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It's so simple, light and funny, it gives positive vibes. It like healing drama.was so cute and sweet..especially to PMY and PSJ... But after few thinking, I watched again this drama and I don't regret it.And PMY told already that she doesn't care about angles and appearance while filming. Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young ❤❤ At first I was bias, I liked this drama because of Seo Joon.

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good thing is I could save time from not watching this drama Very entertaining kdrama.......

Become a fan of Park Joon-hwa director after watched Because This Is My First Life and What's Wrong With Secretary Kim....

after watching their romantic story at this is my first life....i can't accept that....:(:( but this drama is really :) this drama is daebak! For people who just want to watch dramas without having to think much about the plot and no bad guys to hate, this drama is it. I like PMY but her “surprised “ facial expression to the sudden embrace leading to kissing situations look the same EVERYTIME. Watch the drama, you will be able to make your own opinion. you will regret it if you not watch this gem What's wrong with the drama being cliche?

i've watched many dramas of Seo Joon, but it's my first time watching Park Min Young drama, they have a really good chemistry! @Sandra_oh this drama is hit not because of your so-called candy eye, There is so many dramas which are not popular who have a lot of good looking man. I don’t really blame her, the script has too many of those scenes and it’s overdose in my opinion and too cliché. It is cliche in a fun way and and i really enjoyed myself watching this! I tried watching others but i would start yawning and falling asleep.

Lee Young-Joon's family runs a large company and he works as the vice-president of the company. They have chemistry (Park Min Young) she is so beautiful in every drama that she is the main cast. I see chemistry between Kim Mi So and Lee Young Joon, but I don't see chemistry between Kim Mi So and her sisters or colleagues, sometimes I find Kim Mi So is reserved. I'll patiently wait for the next few episodes of this drama and I'm hoping for the happy ending of all the characters.

He is smart, rich and handsome, but he is arrogant. She has worked for him for years and she is perfect for him, but Kim Mi-So decides to quit her job. I noticed that close-ups are focused only on the left side of Kim Mi So, I find it strange, why always left side for close-ups? I love this drama....everything is amazing about this drama Like all actors, their acting, storyline, music and spcly chemistry between lead actors daebak??I also like kiss scenes, but mainly thanks to Park Seo Joon, because he was leading the kisses and he did it good. After just a few episodes, the other cast members are daebak! After a few episode their chemistry is just overflowing! Here comes the power couple, Bong Se Ra & Yang Cheol! @kdrama_fan I believe the actress' name is Son Sung Yoon.I like that PMY showed response to kisses, because frequently in k-dramas girls during kiss scenes look like if somebody has scared them, without even moving the lips. I've been attracted to Kang Ki Young since 'Oh My Ghost'. This couple came out of nowhere and boom, chemistry flying everywhere. Bong Se Ra (Hwang Bo Ra) seems exaggerating but she grew on me since 'Borg Mom' and afterwards 'Miracle We Met'. Seo Joon is my Top 3 actors, so I was instantly bias to like this drama. I love chemistry PArk seo jon-Park minyoung Their charms already suck my attention. They thanked her for her cameo in the ending credits of ep 11.But in this drama the chemistry is reciprocal and very beautiful, really not in every drama I have seen the chemistry between leads so great as in this drama. this drama have such good flow since the first episode until now .... fighting WHATS WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM CAST AND CREW ..... so many scenes that the leads have eye to eye contact but i don't know...sometimes i don't feel the energy/connection. These 2 leads have done pretty Well This drama adopts a cliched plot in a comedic way, unlike some cliched k dramas that are just cliched.Hope main leads will have the opportunity to collaborate again in the future Im from the Philippines and I am Kdrama Addict, in fact i didn't watch our own drama here because i was in my room watching kdramas. It definitely has a good story, kudos to the writer but why do i feel like that the lead characters here has no chemistry? Sandara-oh, really you think that this drama is popular because of the eye candy? I love PMY especially in Queen for 7 days for me she's at her best in that drama. A very lighthearted drama with a great cast that's just a pleasure to watch.There is no scarry parents against the relationship, the heroine is not the one suffering poor economic condition ot terminal ill and also there is no unnecessary misunderstanding that make them part so long just to reunite at the end of the episodes. i'm a fan of Oppa Park and was looking forward to this Romcom but was hugely disappointed like a couple of the fans here.